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Another great Monday made even better by SPAG not being there! We did miss SPAG a little but not much. He is in Berlin of all places and how do you reckon that mob there are going to handle our "should have been Admiral" dude?

KEH MAH, the twit showed up after going home to Canada and leaving his everything in Jomtien! Couldn't get into his house, no keys to his car, Canada cell phone, drivers licence etc! So he turned around and flew 32 hours to get back here and is staying for two weeks, and that's why he will be entertaining you with his scribe report next Monday!

PELER! We all feared the worst, and the 40 some runners that showed up were committed PH3 Family and willing to back the lone hare, hoping that the medications this Hash Monday are operational. And they were! The lone hare had a walkers and runners trail prepared for the pack that started out with the confusion amongst the cattle, that we all know how hard it is to keep the On In, separate from true trail.

Once underway (about the time that WEE JIMMY hit the pub), the run turned into a pleasant 40 minute trot and a 20 minute walk.

The pre-circle drinks (red ants were vicious) and wind down was broken into scattered tribes thought to have been developed by the aloof Black Sheep mob. It could be argued however, that the Norwegians started their secret men's business segregated gatherings, years before, to protect UNCLE FESTER as no one understood a word he was fkn saying!

Was always going to be a tough circle with the summer GM in WANK-KING'S WANKER in "Wing it" mode and EMPEROR AIRHEAD absent trying to discover how many Euro's for 100 baht.

A circle of critics and it was your scribe in SHEIK MEME that was thrown in to the EMPEROR AIRHEAD s spot after the raffle.

It was revealed that the SIR DOG's tribe on a Monday afternoon get themselves ready to go to the "Raffle"! This is either how popular the BOTTOMLESS PIT and SWEETIE raffle is, or how pedestrian the PH3 has become! It is certainly not because of the never ending supply DVDs from SIR FREE WILLY's hoard of treasure! Nonetheless, the winter GM in SCAR W/ 2T.S, is home in Kristiansen slaving for his winter drinking binge and worrying how the WANK-KING'S WANKER is driving His new car! We can assure the winter GM that the raffle is now the highlight and all prizes are geared toward little Thai Lady's between 15 and 35....and LADY FLIPPER.

There are not many PH3's that operate during a coup with a full curfew in effect. The OnOn bar in the M Club under the Max Apartments off 3rd Road had to be cancelled because the GM was the only willing soul crazy enough to run the gauntlet of confrontation with the Thai Military, if not home in bed by 10pm. The rest of us scampered like cockroaches to our darkened dwellings void of television with a media blackouts etc!

The Brew Master (worlds best) was not appreciated in last weeks scribe for his general hospitality in providing his throne to the operator of the word processor and that was the last time he will offer, but thank you anyway. Equally disturbing, it was asked of the Beer Police Commissioner whilst being RA and scribing at the same time "could you please pass me a beer", he obliged with the Leo and "I am not a bloody waiter, this is the last time!" Realising he was being a wee bit silly, Followed up with "I will do it for girls, but not you bastard". The scribe promptly returned nectar of the Gods to the cooler and waited for a break in proceedings to fetch his own. The lesson in this story is, get ya buddy's crack to fetch ya beer and keep the bastard busy!

This report is coming to you from Angkor Wat, where the protagonist in the latter section of the previous paragraph was extremely helpful in providing information about the Victoria Resort, the finest Hotel in these parts, and strangely run by a hasher called SHORT STUMP. Therefore, the PH3 will be poorly represented by SHEIK MEME and CRASHER this Saturday on the AWH3 monthly hash.

Another fine session in the bush and hopefully everyone home safe before 10pm.

On a brighter note, with the Thai Navy running Pattaya Police Station, the extortion racquets while getting around town has ceased, the bad news is, if you own a bar, restaurant, hotel or car manufacturing plant, your stuffed!

Till next time!

On-On!  Sheik Meme

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