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PH3 Run 1578 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by Kee Mah

This annual Betty Boop Run is what the PH3 is all about, free entrance fees, free alcohol, and cross dressing along with a good run. The A-Site was at Ban Amphur Beach with shade from the willawadee (oleander) and hang nok you (locust) trees out in full bloom and smelling great. VERY hot these days, I refuse to use the A/C in my place and take about 6 cold showers a day. Took a swim in the ocean during the run and wished I hadn't, the water was hotter than the air and you come out covered in salt. About 45 runners I think in Thailand low season and lots of leavers so probably less next week.

Started out with announcements and new shoes with TRY-A-FUCK drinking out of HONEY BEAR's shoe cause he had a guilty conscience for ratting on her. The run was through the streets of Ban Amphur which might sound boring but we passed many restaurants and shops that I had never seen before in 13 years living here. Last leg finished up with a 2 Km run on the beach then finally reaching the beer truck for some cold anything. Damn, it was hot!

Circle started at sunset and what a sight it was with bright orange and black sky and isolated storms visible on the horizon with spectacular cloud formations and the fishing boats and yachts at the marina in the foreground. Hares BLACK HOLE and MRS. HEAD iced and complimented on their run, 5 hares for BLACK HOLE and 13 for MRS. HEAD.

Then came the best dress contest hosted by EMPEROR AIRHEAD who, coy and protesting, allowed himself to be entered in the running although he was eliminated fairly quickly cause of the all the hair on his back due to his dress, although very sexy, was a little on the small side. Contestants were SPERM POLLUTER, WANK-KING'S WANKER, SEAL SUCKER, G.I. JOE, SIR REALLY SADISTIC BASTARD, V.V., DOESN'T TOUCH THE SIDES, NECROPHILIA NIGHT RIDER (wearing AIRHEAD's spare dress). Not present were SEXY BUM who cross dressed as a man but had to leave early and MENTAL DISORDER who was so upset at having numerous Thai men whistling at him during the run through town that he had a bit of a mental breakdown and now actually thinks he is sexy.

Third prize (get off ice free) to WANK-KING'S WANKER, second prize (free run) to SIR REALLY SADISTIC BASTARD, and first prize (10 shots at the TQ) to DOESN'T TOUCH THE SIDES. All of the winners had perfect hair.

BB took the circle for a while icing the contestants and wanting to look at their underwear supposedly to confirm colour coordination with dresses although there were a few winks and nods from the circle. ATOMIC MUFF DIVER and wife iced as leavers along with QUARTER POUNDER WITH CHEESE who is off to Nigeria for some demented reason.

Nice short circle courtesy of GM WANK-KING'S WANKER, all remaining down downs consumed, Hash Hymn, and off to Nicky's Bar on Soi Buakhow for the aircon.

Ha Ha Ha, I didn't get iced once.

On-On!  Kee Mah

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