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It was great day and a lovely A-site with lots of shade which is needed in these hot months. The Hares for the day where V. V. and TAMPAX, and we had 55 runners. The run was 6 km. and had 9 checks, the checks were in some places hard but kept all the runners together and gave time for the slow runners to catch up. Great work by the two hares!

The raffle for the day which had some great prizes and also a prize donated by SIR FREE WILLY, The winners this week were SIR FREE WILLY, LIBERACE, EMPEROR AIRHEAD, GENERAL KIDNEY WIPER, SQUEEZE MY TUBE and BALLRINGER.

EMPEROR AIRHEAD took the circle and remarked that the A-site looks like a scene out of the Blair Witch Movie, no children were lost this time. He then introduced the 3 new virgins. Then he called Russell Ninyette to be given a hash name and proceeded to give us some background information on him. He bar fines lots of women of any age and falls in love with them after a few days. Also, he went to River Kwai and brought a girl back from there to Pattaya. Why would you bring a girl to Pattaya when we have thousands here? A few names were suggested but the circle cheered when MANGINA was said, so automatically EMPEROR AIRHEAD awarded him that name.

WANK-KING'S WANKER then presented some well-earned awards 50 Run Mug to LADY GAGA, TAMPAX 30 Hares. He then iced SIR SPAGHETTI HEAD and G.I. JOE for their recent sex tour/Hash Run in Berlin and welcomed them back. WANK-KING'S WANKER then read out the recent survey results which included cheaper beer, shorter circles, sitting in the circles, and your opinion of the Hash. All the surveys where read out as the PATTAYA MONDAY HASH is open and hides nothing. JACKAL, FROZEN FUCKER, and ATOMIC MUFF DIVER, where iced as one of the new policy’s of the Monday Hash is to see new people on the ice.

G.I JOE automatically iced JELLO BUTT for another female conquest. He did warn the circle that while he described how JELLO BUTT's new girlfriend looks, some people could fall ill. The best way G.I. JOE could describe her was 75 years old, no teeth, puss loaded wounds on her legs similar to how SPAGHETTI HEAD looks, maybe his sister. JELLO BUTT in his defense said he felt sorry for her but said that night was some of the greatest sex he has ever had in his life even though in the morning there was yellow and also shit stains on the sheets and towels. Next time JELLO BUTT, give a roller some toilet paper. FROZEN FUCKER was an eyewitness to JELLO BUTT's girlfriend and gave her a very generous rating of minus 3 in looks, good to see that JELLO BUTT is getting better in picking girlfriends.

Don’t forget next week hares will be SIR REALLY SADISTIC BASTARD and GENERAL KIDNEY WIPER. Come along, it will be a great run as these two hares have loads of experience. The week after the FILIPINOS will be hosting their Philippine Independence Run. After the run the girls will be serving up a great Filipino dinner and dessert sponsored by the MONDAY HASH. Come along hungry ones.

If anyone would like to hare a special run, eg, birthday, marriage, divorce, anniversary, birth, death, national day run come and see MENTAL DISORDER and he will help you with your special run and reserve your requested date.

On-On!  Mental Disorder

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