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PH3 Run 1581 Scribe

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Back to an A-Site the girls have used before, plenty of shade and by the edge of a nice lake. Good turn out and a few faces I haven’t seen for a while, EMPEROR AIRHEAD is even chauffeur driven today.

Excellent run of approximately 8 km for those who missed the blue arrow, fortunately I only walked half of that and strolled in with PINKABOO after 45 minutes. Plenty of action on the blue walkers trail.

Wonderful Filipino food supplied today by MENSTRUAL DISORDER & HONEY BEAR, thank you ladies.

Circle called and GM displays his power by icing KARAMBA, SIR FREE WILLY, V. V. and LINEAR ACCELERATOR as a warning to others.

Raffle time, 1st lucky winner is NIGHT RIDER's crack and she takes the top prize, the Isaan Microwave (a toaster) followed by GANGREEN, GENERAL KIDNEY WIPER, another crack, SEAGULL SHIT's kids both get prizes then LIBERACE, HULK, SIR FREE WILLY and me.

EMPEROR AIRHEAD takes the circle as a tornado hits and we get a lesson in Filipino history and the Hares are iced. Everyone agrees it was a great run and a great A-Site that I want to use at a later date.

Virgins in, the Lofgren Family from Sweden are given a PH3 welcome.

SHIT ON MY SHIRT iced then his better half iced and EMPEROR AIRHEAD names her MASTERCHEF. Multiple Hash Crashers iced. LONE WOLF, NIGHT RIDER, SIR SPAG.

KARAMBA’s 4 million Baht Harley Nightmare shits itself and is now at Mityon now getting a better engine fitted. I recommend a 125cc Honda Wave motor as it’s more reliable than the one you have now. And you won’t believe the attention you’ll get. HULK’s Harley also stopped due to the heavy load. SIR SPAG tripped over his walking frame, scrapped his leg and nearly dropped his Leo.

GANGREEN has 1 beer with every picture taken. And he takes a lot of pictures.

Noisy bastards iced – TRY-A-FUCK, BANANAS, GENERAL KIDNEY WIPER and SEAL SUCKER. Poms iced for having a shit football team. So useless they couldn’t score in Soi 6! LINEAR ACCELERATOR iced as a surrogate for NIGHT RIDER, NIGHT RIDER found in the bushes with his crack. SEAL SUCKER iced for trying to be funny. Another Leo for me.

I get the circle to announce next week’s scribe. Let’s start by icing the bastards that refused the honour with lame excuses like I’ll be in England, I’ll be in Australia, I’m illiterate. So I ice WANKING first just because I can, then BB, TRY-A- FUCK and finally SEAL SUCKER who volunteered to be next week’s Scribe.

Last down downs, Hash Hymn sung and the truck loads up with drunken hashers for the drive back to town. I stay back with SIR BOTTOMLESS PIT, LONE WOLF, LINEAR ACCELERATOR and MENTAL DISORDER to solve the world’s problems and drink more Leo as we watch SWEETIE and PINKABOO load the beerbulance. ON ON

Stay safe and see you next week.

On-On!  Rear Gunner

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