Pattaya H3

PH3 Run 1582 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by Seal Sucker

Like a well oiled machine the pineapple truck awaits us to take us to the pristine Lakeside A-Site.

The A-Site is a popular spot and not too far out of town which is a bonus, in fact you could almost say we are still in town.

GM introduces visitors, virgins and new shoes, V.V. beats REALLY SADISTIC to down the Chang for HONEY BEAR's new old shoes.

At first appearance I thought the hares were BEETROOT HEAD and HONEY BEAR but I was informed it was V.T. and HONEY BEAR, this would be her third hare in two weeks, Hare Hero.

V.T. tries to explain that paper is on the ground and not up in the sky. HONEY BEAR says that is correct it's on the ground, but V.T. tells her to shut the f--k up because some could be perhaps up in the air. Never mind you could feel the LOVE in the air.

It was a typical urban trail some busy roads ,construction sites with empty Cambodian workers shacks, lots of Soi dogs because they had not been required for the B.B.Q, a few cattle, and believe it or not a bit of tapioca.

The circle is called the all-important Raffle is dispensed with, lots of cracks win the great prizes. Good, anything to keep them happy.

EMPEROR AIRHEAD takes over, ices Hares and NIGHT RIDER's crack gets named DANGER GIRL for crashing several cars

G.M ices Eric Clapton and his virgin wife Linda L L.

TAMPAX gets award for 30 hares.

G.I, JOE passed a milestone 500 Runs and it's agreed every run he's at least made it out of the A-Site,

G.I.  has ice power, and needs surrogate hashers because the true culprits have long gone.

HONEY BEAR sings the Hare Song, and V.T shows his ring.

Last down-downs are downed.

Hash Hymn done and dusted for another week.

PS: HULK is scribe next week
     and my new body guard, see him about any complaints ~~

On-On!  Seal Sucker

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