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The A site for ru ???? was o top of Moistory  hill, so had all the typical thigs you will fid ear a Moistory, dogs, cows, motor bikes, ad later eve the Budda drums.

Hares called us i to tell us about the ru, but it tured out to be othig like how they had described it. The paper was scarce ad virtually the same colour as the groud so it made thigs a little bit difficult for some frot ruers (ot me) There was also a couple of hash crashes out there, FRICK OFF fell over, ad I heard him say that his ipples felt like they had bee rubbed by a katoy for a week. BEVELY HILLS PIK COCK fell over twice ad I thik he said something about his arse beig sore ad I believe he eve metioed the same katoy as FRICK OFF. What ever happeed to LBFM’S ????? Whe I asked GI JOE what he thought the best part of the ru was he said “THE BEST PART IS THAT IT IS OVER”

The beer hash wet off I a completely differat direction, ad their time spet o trail tured out to be perfect. REALLY SADISTIC BARSTARD eve raced SEAL SUCKER up thr fial hill to become a frot ruer. Its magic how the smell of the beer truck gives some people so much eegry.

Walkig aroud before the start of the circle is always a good way to get dirt o people. I mea we had REAR GUERS gourmet sadwhich bar, as well as the Thai ladies sittig aroud eatig Al Fresco style, plus we have the orwegia corer, as well as the medicial smokers corer. Like I said a great way to pick up gossip, I eve heard RSB tryig to work out a price with GRAY CRAPPER, ot sure what he was really after but it makes a good story.

Our GM WAKERS WAKIG called for the start of the circle ad followed tradition by icig the hares first ad askig aroud the circle for commets o the ru. While the hares HULK, SUZY WOG ad the METAL AD MESTRAUL couple rested up, ormal commets of, ot eough paper, ot eough dogs or cattle, came up, but all I all everyone liked it, so well doe hares.

It’s the the tur for the World’s best Brew Master, Raffle Master ad of course a coutryma from the World Champios, to take over with the raffle. He tells us we have a few doatios by some hashers which is always good to hear. SHIT MY PATS doated a Chiese made telephone ad also had the first wig ticket. I heard he choose a GAY TOY prize, will have to have words with SMP. CRAPPER took the secod prize ad choose the phoe, must tell you CRAPPER it will oly work I Chia, but ever mid.  The other wiers where FREE WILLY, FRICK OFF, REAR GUER, SKIPPY, HOEY BEAR, SUGAR BABY, THE HULK, AD REAR GUER AD SKIPPY wo twice.

The circle is the haded over to EMPEROR AIR HEAD, ad of course we all kow we are goig to be etertaied. First up are the hares, ad I believe RULE 6 was beig touched o by HULK ad METAL DISORDER, whilst sittig back to back. Thik if we are goig to ice 2 big guys like that together the we must get LARGER BLOCKS. EMA also tells us that it is CLITFACES birthday, ad that 100 years ago the same day, Germay declared war o Frace. If you eed to kow aythig the talk to EMA as he is a head full of knowledge, o hair, buts lots of knowledge. DAVID KEEDY is called ito the circle for beig a VIRGI, welcome to hash David, I am sure people are already thikig of a great hash ame for you, especially with a surame like yours.  The we had a couple of amigs, SPERM POLUTORS wife is ow kow as CASPER, I thik that has something to do with him beig scared of her. The we had SEAGULL SHIT o the ice ad a story of huma trafficking?????? Ot sure the what happeed the but I have two ames WHITE FISH ad LOST CAUSE, or is that code used I huma trafficking???? Jue, (that’s the Mother of those CRAPPER kids, is iced ad amed MRS CRAPPER, she the rus aroud the circle letting guys feel her cold bum, ET ad RSB both have a good grope ad smiles o their faces. SUGAR DADDY ad SUGAR BABY are called I ext ad SUGAR BABY wot let go of the back pack that is supposedly full of moey. Its okay SB, its oly RUPEES ad it takes a lot of those to make 20 baht.

Our GM is back ext with the awards, SIR SPAGGETI HEAD with 750 rus, MESTRAUL DISORDER for 20 hares, ad KATOY AAL MASTERBATOR, for 100 rus. Mid you it took 742 days for FREE WILLY to come up with the design of a Katoy pullig his pud whilst F***ig himself I the rear. Great shirt to wear whe you go o the plae back to Sydey KAM. Make sure you fly Quatas as some of the air crew will love you. SHIEK MI MI ad RUB HER DICK ( ever could spell) both have 150 rus up so well doe all you awrds people. SKIPPY, KAM ad KIGHTRIDER all have their toilet seats removed o the grouds of TRUMPED UP CHARGES????? I could ever see that happe at hash, as we all kow “we ever let a lie stad I the way of a good story”.

I the have the circle as I am the scribe, so I brig I all the smart people, all the oes that have bee to ui. IM A CUP CAKE, for telling me there are 2 o’s I this word. ET with his IQ of 150, which is much better tha the Eglish battig score agaist Australia. Also o the ice was HOEY BEAR, who has a degree I busiess. We also have electroic egieers, ad busiess people o the ice. Ad who ca believe that SHIEK MI MI spet 5 years at the Macquarry Uiversity, learig to clea toilets????. Ayway as you read my scribe you ca tell Im ot that smart so why have competio??? So I gave ext weeks scribe to METAL DISORDER, as I cat have ayoe  write a better story tha me.

Our GM the hads the circle over to visiting hashers from the MOTHER HASH ad the PJ AIMAL HASH. MR WOG takes the circle ad ices SUSIE WOG, so does 2 wogs make a wight????  He also has FREE WILLY as EMPORER AIR HEADS stad I, ad a visitor from Vietam amed BOB, ad with a ame like that, there are may hash ames we could call him IF HE RETURS that is. CHICKE SHIT ad HIPPO jio MR WOG ad give us the 7 days of hashig sog, alog with a PJ AIMALS sog about  MICE PLAYIG PIG POG WITH MY BALLS, well doe guys I havet heard that oe for years.

My tur I the circle agai to do the hares sog, so with 2 big guys like the HULK ad METAL DISORDER, there is oly oe sog I ca do, ad that is oe about the size of their willies.

GM calls for order, hats off, pots o the floor ad those left with the last dow dows lead us I the hash hym.
What ca I say, aother great day ruig with the Pattaya Hash. Well doe hares ad all you other people that are ivolved I givig us all aother great day out, ad aother  hag over.

On-On!  B.B.

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