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PH3 Run 1588 Scribe

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You will be glad to hear that this will be the last scribe for 12 months from the DISORDER FAMILY as we leave next week.

This week the hares were DOG LICKS ITS DICK, SCRAPPY DOO, SCOOBY DOO and SIR SPAGHETTI HEAD, the good the bad and the ugly. It was a great run, well papered, and a lot of places where the slow hashers could catch up by short-cutting and staying in sight of the front runners.

Well back at the A-Site we were getting ready for the circle when one of the lights was not working and straight away our two top electricians (SIR BOTTOMLESS PIT and TAMPAX) swung into action and work side by side till the problem was fixed, great work. Protecting our most valuable asset the beer we enlisted the help of two ROYAL MARINES as beer police to protect the beer. What a great job CABBAGE HEAD and SHIT MY PANTS did body searching and monitoring all our drinkers.


EMPEROR AIRHEAD took the circle and immediately iced WANK-KING’S WANKER (our G.M) and informed us the he had dragged himself of his death bed to attend the run. Later we found out he suffering from EBOLA DISEASE, AIDS, GONORRHEA, HERPES, SYPHILIS and also a RUNNY NOSE. Get well soon. MENTAL and MENSTRUAL DISORDER were iced and EMPEROR AIRHEAD went on to explain how drug testing is done in PATTAYA and to remind everyone to carry a urine cup to assist the police with their testing, if they do not use their helmets.

AWARDS THIS WEEK:  SCOOBY DOO - 50-RUNS.  Congratulations.

PRIVATE PARTS was then iced for being a Cheap Charlie and not having a HASH SHIRT and WANK-KING’S WANKER having that motherly effect took off PRIVATE PARTS singlet and washed it in the bucket for him.

MENTAL DISORDER then iced G.I JOE, SIR FREE WILLY, SIR REALLY SADISTIC BASTARD, as MRS. CRAPPER informed us that she has enjoyed her holiday in Pattaya and wanted to see more sexy bum on the ice. She was not very happy with our selection but SEAL SUCKER said he was impressed with G.I JOE’s bum, be careful JOE.

SHEIK MEME took the circle and after a lot of SHUT THE FUCK UP – SHUT THE FUCK UP – SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! He went on to ice many people including bucketing HONEY BEAR and TAMPAX for talking, about time as they are always talking in every circle. Then there’s more SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Just another reminder that the beer is off limits to everyone until the first FRB is back then and only then can you all get stuck into the beer.

SCRIBE for next week will be SHIT MY PANTS …..

Look after yourselves and enjoy the hashing. See you all again next year. MENTAL & MENSTRUAL DISORDER

On-On!  Mental Disorder

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