Pattaya H3

PH3 Run 1595 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by GI Joe and Squeeze My Tube

Well! It’s my turn to Scribe. My girlfriend was eating with the other cracks and didn’t know I was the Scribe. When we went home I told her the Hash made her the Scribe. She asked if I would help her. Being the nice guy I am I said maybe? She asked if I would tell her about the run and do the typing. “Why should I tell you about the run?” “Well I didn’t do the whole thing.” “Why?” “I was picking veggies.” I asked, "Did you get any good ones?". “Well sort of” “Sort of” We found this spot with all these nice looking weeds and I asked if we can eat them. No one knew so they told me it was my turn. That meant taking them home and cooking them and let me eat them. If I got sick they were no good to eat. I said, "That’s crazy! Are you trying to kill me?". No, BELL END does it all the time. Look at BALL RINGER he still lives. “Are you sure about that?”

Now about the run!

Getting on the baht buses everyone was looking at the sky. I think we are going to get wet on this run. So what, we are Hashers! Someone asked where the A-Site is. On 3240 by the Wat, many knew the place.  We arrived at the A-Site which we have used many times but a great place as long as it isn’t overused and it hasn’t been used for a while. We find out the hares did the papering that morning and a big storm came through. I figured excuses already. After we started the run we found out the storm did do a lot of damage. Many of the paths were blocked with fallen trees. The hanging paper was torn off, wet and sometimes hard to see. This made for a very different type of a run. Everyone worked together and some how we all made it back to the A-Site. That is unless someone is still out there. We had the usual FRBs DEL BOY, MARATHON MAN, and a few others that I could not see because I was so far behind. I would rate the run with an A+.

Circle time

Just before the circle, we had some of the usual things going on. A Black Sheep meeting, BALL RINGER taking a shower in the circle and everyone catching up on what has happened since the last time they saw each other.

To be the Scribe is a great honor but I’m not a writer. Plus the best light is next to the beer truck. That’s too close to the beer. When I’m in the circle I do have to walk a little. One of the Beer Police seemed to be watching and my empty beer was soon replaced. Damn you ANFI.  Anyway I think I missed much of the going ons in the circle.

Here are parts I do remember. GM calls the circle and ices late comers. The late ones were SCARLET, LONE WOLF, SHEIK ME ME, BOTTOMLESS PIT and REAR GUNNER got the bucket. Next for the ice was HULK and G.I. JOE. The reason was because we were laughing. I thought that was what the circle is about. GANGREEN got iced with E.T.. E.T. is iced for being close to a blond.

SHEIK ME ME takes the circle and ices BOTTOMLESS PIT, SCARLET and GANGREEN for talking. The Hares hit the ice and ME ME tells his adventures on the trail. He felt like Gollum crawling under the trees. ME ME  loved the run and it was deemed a good run.

ROBBING BASTARD iced for hogging the trail. Many others got iced but I can’t read my notes and I also killed a few brain cells. The rest is from what little memory I have left.

FESTERING STREAKER takes the circle. Puts FREE WILLY in the bucket and ices CRAZY GERMAN for looking like a major hamburger (Gay). That must be English humor. ME ME was iced for riding with no helmet but needing one on the run to protect his head from thorns. CABBAGE PATCH iced for Lying Leaver. I can’t remember any more. So we did the Hash Hymn and got on the buses and off to the ON-ON Bar.

On-On!  GI Joe and Squeeze My Tube

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