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Scribe Report by Bimbo (filling in for Sheik Meme)

Rain coated hashmen resembled colorful condoms on arrival at the Buffalo Bar on a stormy Monday afternoon. Some undoubtedly hoped that the downpour would not let up, providing an excuse to stay high and dry in the bar for the remainder of the day.

Several baht buses eventually filled up with hesitant hashers heading out to see if the hash gods would bless the day with clearer skies, or send them home in a torrential downpour. The Hares, B.B. and REAR GUNNER would have no shortage of excuses about how the terrific trail marks they had painstakingly planned for the day were all washed away.

So off we went at the appointed time, walkers and runners sloshing through puddles and mud. The usual suspects commandeered a baht bus to take them to a nearby bar to spend the afternoon imbibing and philosophizing before returning to the A-Site slightly sloshed.

The Hares proved much too clever for most of the pack, which wandered around lost much of the time searching for elusive strands of rain soaked shreddy.

Some long running fools clocked nearly 14 Km, and returned long after dark, while the slightly more intelligent wimpy walkers found their way back to the beer in just over an hour.

In the circle, SWEETIE and STINKY SLOPPY SECONDS were honored for 300 runs, while SIR REALLY SADISTIC BASTARD marked his 600th visit to a nearby pub. The Drunken Kraut (STUPID KRAUT KUNT) was unable to bribe his way off the ice, and was last seen wallowing in the mud on his way to the baht bus home. All in all it was another memorable Monday for the Pattaya Hash House Harriers.

At the On On Bar Miss Langsom provided tasty soup and sandwiches for hungry hashers, while BIMBO handed out the latest quarterly print edition of Harrier Magazine tantalizing traveling hashers with tales of trails around the region and around the world.

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On-On!  Bimbo

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