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PH3 Run 1601 Scribe

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North out of A-Site to right of lake and single file over klong. First check straight on and into tapioca. Second check holds the pack and everybody catches up HONEY BEAR takes group photo of BALL RINGER, DOESN’T TOUCH THE SIDES and JINGLE BALLS all holding hands and pouting like a group of Thai whores Lookame!  Lookame !

Trail does a 360 and a clockwise circuit of another lake to the other side where it cuts through waste ground to the third check which is straight on via good tracks then right and over klong. Forth check is straight on. Fifth check broken but mispositioned Scribe goes wrong way, VELCRO DICK on correct trail doesn’t respond to repeated calls by pack, back on track and trail goes right through tapioca then left onto good track.

Pack follows gossiping HONEY BEAR and VELCRO DICK missing the broken sixth check. PAPRIKA SMILEY suggests left and STEPTOE listens (silly boy) and does large left hand loop through tapioca back to sixth check, rest of pack short cut ahead and find paper.

From sixth check trail goes through tapioca and STEPTOE discovers he was inches from paper on previous route through tapioca in opposite direction.

Check seven goes right, STEPTOE and small group behind now well out of it. Check 8 left and then right along bed of klong, very VV, then right up hill through trees. Ninth check is left along small track past lake and small waterfall, very scenic. Left at tenth check and two bemused Thais on motorbike, right onto main track some meandering about and over a klong into the A-Site.


  • SCAR WITH 2T’S gives Hares TAMPAX and VV the usual abuse.
  • SIR BOTTOMLESS PIT presides over Raffle won by EMPEROR AIRHEAD, DEL BOY, LIBERACE, VELCRO DICK, WANK-KING’S WANKER, TOM BOY (cushion cuddler), FLEA WILLY, and Paul Skinner.
  • EMPEROR AIRHEAD ices hares and decides run was “right length with interesting checks” . POLE FUCKER in bucket for abusing EMPEROR AIRHEAD.  Ice for appropriately named Craig Cockburn. Ice for BOTTOMLESS PIT and SWEETIE, as reward for being hard working they are awarded an Airhead Phallus Object purchased in some commie land.
  • WANK-KING’S WANKER awards CAMEL HUMPER (50 Run Mug), VV 130 Hares. Then buckets BURL IVES (talking?) and ices ET, and SIR FREE WILLY for no particular reason, and NAPPY HEAD for being a Houston Hasher.
  • SCAR WITH 2T’S ices SEAL SUCKER for competitive running.  Ices NO MORE CUM and crack for cumming in late on the run, seems NMC is being very attentive to crack more so than previously with daughter on run, but then he didn’t want to sleep with daughter... Ices GANGREEN for confusing GENERAL KIDNEY WIPER (easily done). Subsequently ices SPAG HEAD and G.I.JOE for using technology on the hash (GPS). Also ices WANK-KING’S WANKER for doing recce instead of run and for using GPS.
  • SHEIK MEME usual twaddle, ices hares VV and TAMPAX for something they might have done years ago and potential gay marriage. Plus VV gets additional abuse for being Belgian and allowing all those cunts from the UN and EU into Brussels. “Lurking in shadows” criminals get iced Paul Skinner, BLACK JUSTICE and DOESN’T TOUCH THE SIDES.
  • SCAR WITH 2T’S ices ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKING IDEA for being a fat bastard who’s fallen victim to Pattaya fleshpots (who drank all the beers?). LADY FLIPPER iced for touching up NO FUCKING IDEA presumably mistaking for younger, thinner FREE WILLY. HONEY BEAR punished for lusting after MASTER BATES and LORD CHICKEN FUCKER also for having tits that have grown to more than a mouthful, is silicon involved? Denials, all must be revealed.
  • STEPTOE ices Scribe for next week DOESN’T TOUCH THE SIDES and sings Hare Song

On-On!  Steptoe

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