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Seasons Greetings Hashers.

Our Brewmaster is the best in the world, (well thats the 50 baht bribe out the way, thanks SIR BOTTOMLESS PIT).

So off we set for the last run of the year, seems only 5 minutes since the first run of year that great 30th Year bash. So the tourists and poor residents (no cars) load the baht buses, which is ok, but how I miss the Black Pearl. But that's life

We soon arrive at the A-Site near to town which is always good this time of year, then after sign ups and couple of new shoes we are on our way. Start of run bit odd as runners rejoin walkers after a couple of minutes. Although I was on paper all the time still think something may have been amiss , we will never know.

Nice flat run, good checks and nice little tricky part at end around lake, a little short for me personnally but well done Hares. So back at A-Site and usual milling about and social interaction, then food is served up by our resident chef V.V. Good options of spaghetti and also thai green curry so something for everone except KARAMBA who seemingly only eats grass these days.

After a period of beer time it's circle up with G.M SCAR WITH 2 T's , and Hares on in. General opinion was run a little short. Then its Raffle time with winners including SIR FREE WILLY, HONEY BEAR and NO MORE CUM among others.

Then we move onto EMPEROR AIRHEAD, Hares on in and after a lengthy debate he really gained very little milage in that the HHH signs should be yellow and black and not pink. GI JOE also commented on run a little short and EMPEROR AIRHEAD said even his walk was only 100 feet, so for a change it seems SPAG HEAD and R.S.B with their 1.2 KM round trip to nearest bar actually achieved more than most.

Then on in for GI JOE and SQUEEZE MY TUBE for a well deserved special award for contribution to the Hash, well done. LITTLE TOMMY TWO LIPS on ice as founder of Ferret Hash and when asked for words of wisdom replied, "Don't do it!" Then we were treated to a song by visitor MERRY DICK from Riviera Hash, this was ok but i am a firm believer of whatever you are doing in circle as entertainment it is so much better if someone is on ice. Although I do appreciate that many other Hashes do not have ice, well done MERRY DICK anyway.

Then WANK-KING'S WANKER on in for anniversaries (these are listed somewhere on sheet so I'm not listing them again). There was a slight delay as SPAG HEAD had misplaced one of the award hats , but eventually all was sorted.

SCAR WITH 2 T s then ices KARAMBA due to some enviromental issues (or mental issues not sure which). GM in waiting  (alledgedly) NO MORE CUM then ices MY GIRLFRIEND KNOWS I'M GAY AND VV , for incidents on Swamp Rats involving stools and people going missing. Then the circle is given to R.S.B who ices BALL RINGER and then proceeds to tell half the circle a tale, details of which are unavailable at present due to my trip being only one month long, love R.S.B to bits so i will move on (as did most of the circle).

So it was Hares and others on in for some song that was something about dings and dongs going dingy ding dong, not sure if they sang it in English or Thai?  Then its Hash Hymn and off to TQ for meatballs and fried chicken, good to see numbers at Happy Hour Bars back up.

Well an end to another year of Pattaya Monday Hash, lets keep moving forward, 99 runners this week which is good. Let's hope over 100 next week to get year off to good start.

Oh, and one last comment, ice comes at a price so if we are going to fill a bucket, RA's, let's make use of it and keep a bit of bite to this hash.

Happy New Year to all !

On-On!  Knob Marley

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