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PH3 Run 1610 Scribe

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After rocking up a bit late on my motorcycle with KISS ME DOWN UNDER to the A-Site which was nice and easy to find, we signed up with LIBERACE and then set off on the trail. We were pointed off by VV and after a short stroll we spotted some beer hunters sitting at a shop. After a short chat with them we carried on.

We then started looking for paper which led us into a pack of dogs which sent us running back to the beer shop. So we ended up having a drink with the lazy hashers including SIR SPAGHETTI HEAD and WANK-KING'S WANKER and 2 Jocks. After that little session we made it back to the A-Site.

This was ten minutes before the FRB's turned up including BALL RINGER who came in at about 1 hr 5 min which he recorded was a great trail.

Then the  circle was called. A lot a smaller circle than last week. First GM SCAR W/ 2T'S ices the Hares, who will be dealt with later. Then GI JOE called the Raffle. Lots of goodies up for grabs with my Misses getting the latest raffle prize. BEETROOT HEAD and gay mate were on the ice during the raffle procedure for Yak Yak too much.  

Then EMPEROR AIRHEAD steps in to take the circle with the Hares on ice (VV and NO MORE CUM). The run was voted by all as a great run, with colourful HHH signs and no one got lost. There was even a good comment by NO MORE CUM for a 100 Baht head job, it looks like to me someone has just put a pot on his head and shaved it on number 2.

The next on ice was John Harvey a virgin Pom who inherited a nice large sum from his lovin' uncle. The next on ice was PUSSY WHIPPED with his crack who got named as "GREEN TREE". And last PHONEY CUNT with his mate named WHINGER.

Next WANK-KING'S WANKER takes the circle calling in our 13 year, 50th Run Anniversary who was FREQUENT STREAKER. He is also known as SIMPLY RED. And then the Pom who thinks he is still a German with his 10th Hared Run, NO MORE CUM. Well done for KEE MAH for his 200th Run.

Next SCAR WITH 2 T'S takes over the circle with PUSSY WHIPPED for trash which he carelessly dropped and was found floating in the circle and the Hash Trash award was given with a down down.

The next was NO MORE CUM takes the circle and ices myself and Kiss Me Down Under for being friends on on FB. Now a question is which came first the CBR or KMDU which was replied to by the CBR naturally and she gets and I get an orgasm every trip. Then ROBBING BASTARD was iced for not looking after his virgins. The Hares Song to end the evening was Mario Mario.

Followed by the last down down's and the Hash Hymn  and I don't know what happened to my H'4 mate GASMAN sign my H4 sign as he maybe be on the lov nest. Better him than me!

On-On!  Arse-Holeo

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