Pattaya H3

PH3 Run 1611 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by G.I. Joe

It’s always a good start when we have to get four Baht Buses. It must be high season. After a short drive out of town we come to a new A-Site. I thought the hares (ARSE-HOLEO and KISS ME DOWN UNDER) would have a hard time getting a run out of there. There were a lot of houses in the area.  But I looked across the road and saw opened spaces. That made for a good run.

The checks kept the FRBs and the walkers close together. The first two checks I went the right way but someone called on-on in the other direction. I came all the way back to the check to hear FT. On the third check I heard on-on and I was off on another trail. Well they’re not going to fool me three times. I continued on the trail I was on and found out the other way was true trail.

The Hares did a very good job of keeping everybody together. I passed VELCRO DICK three times. We finally made it back to the A-Site. I had a little over 7K on my GPS and I talked to some others that didn’t do the checks and they had 6K.

At the A-Site I was kind of lost without my girlfriend. She is off to the village to get a new passport and take care of her sick mother. Somehow she is still keeping an eye on me. She called Friday and the first thing she said was you didn’t come home on Thursday night. I spent the rest of Friday hunting for cameras.

Circle time

First off, I probably missed a lot. You know bladder problems, night time can’t see what I’m writing and the circle was moving faster than I could write. This is my version!  The GM (SCAR WITH 2TS) calls for the circle to start. First off he puts the Hares on the ice. Tells them he enjoyed the run but we’ll find out later what other people thought of it.

Next we have the Raffle staring SIR BOTTOMLESS PIT. He puts a little fun into the Raffle to keep everyone entertained. That’s even the cheapies that don’t buy the tickets to support the Hash. With that finished the GM passes the circle over to EMPEROR AIRHEAD.

The first thing he does is put the Hares on the ice. He praises them on the A-Site, the location and the all important HHH signs. He asks the people in the circle what they thought of the run. It was decided a good run. Next he ices NECROPHILIA NIGHT RIDER and SUGAR DADDY. NNR is everywhere trying to service all the ladies and support Thailand’s economy. But now he is starting to look old from all the sex.

SUGAR DADDY says he will step forward and try to help NNR out with the ladies. Next he puts Harald Malthe. It’s time for a Hash Name. He tells the EMPEROR he would like the name His Majesty. Fat chance for that to happen. The EMPEROR does some research and finds out a few facts about him. He was a high school teacher who left town under suspicious conditions. It was something about a knocked up teenager.

He worked on a ship and he had a job as a worm picker. KEE MAH also got on the ice because at one time he was a worm picker. Mr. Malthe was close to getting the name he wanted. His new name is PRINCESS BUM BOY. After that CRAPPER and his girlfriend Laddawan Sappaso were called in. She was given the Hash Name of POCKET SOCKET.

WANK-KING'S WANKER is next in the circle and has ARSE-HOLEO in because he completed 20 hares, SUSIE WONG in and gets her 50 run mugLONE WOLF is called in and gets a plastic cup of beer for his 350 run.

SHEIK MEME gets the circle. He ices so many its impossible to keep track. On the ice were SIR SPAGHETTI HEAD, LONE WOLF, SKIING FINN and CHEAPER THAN MEME. I think SPAG HEAD for being funny. LONE WOLF because he was there, SKIING FINN for consuming large amounts of alcohol, CHEAPER THAN MEME because he’s in the MEME family.

Next he ices CHEAPER THAN MEME, SPAG HEAD again, plus REAR GUNNER and  V.V. The reasons CHEAPER THAN MEME for holding hands with SPAG HEAD, SPAG HEAD for telling himself a joke he never heard before and laughing, REAR GUNNER and V.V. for the food they bring to the Hash.

Next he ices KEE MAH, MANX PAEDOPHILE PUSSY F_ _ _ER, HULK, GOLDEN RIVET, Reasons? KEE MAH terrible run last week, MPPF for become a new dad, HULK because he likes it, and GOLDEN RIVET for hiding in the back.

Next GM takes the circle ices NO MORE CUM For playing English football and was put on the draft list and no one wanted him. End of his football days.

NO MORE CUM does the circle next. He ices GASMAN in the bucket because he brought a virgin and made her buy her own shoes to run in. Next he ices MPPF, ANFI , and STOOL MOVER for not supporting their home English football team.

Next he puts CHEAPER THAN MEME and SEMEN on ice. CHEAPER THAN got moved to another waterway on his German Customs job. He now has to look through old ladies bags in search of drugs. SEMEN has diplomatic rights and gives CHEAPER THAN the finger when he goes through customs.

Of all people ARSE-HOLEO gets the circle! He ices GASMAN because it’s his birthday. He than ices CHEAPER THAN and SUGAR DADDY and all the Flippos it had something to do with the Pope’s visit and who looks the most like the Pope.

Time for the Hares Song. I heard this gay song so many times. Who wants someone to roll back their foreskin for them. Sorry Gay Gay Gay song.

Hash Hymn sang by the returnees.

On-On!  G.I. Joe

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