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Monday morning I was sat in Jameson’s Irish Pub drinking coffee and checking emails when the heavens opened up and it pissed down with rain. That’s the fair weather hashers going into hibernation thinks I. And so it was, with 67 runners it was the lowest turnout for quite some time.

The rain wasn’t the only reason to keep people away; EMPEROR AIRHEAD was on route to Thailand after compèring the Oscars ceremony in L.A. the only man for the job I reckon.

Monday was also the Birthday of a venerable hasher FIDO DILDO who decided to start the celebrations the night before and carry on until 0800 the following morning rendering some hashers incapable, with the exception of SCAR W/2T’S and STUPID KRAUT K who made it to the run but had to join us beer hunters as walking; even in a straight line was very difficult for them. But like the true hashers they are, they made the run.

The Run:

The “A” site was situated off Highway 3240 on a well-used location. After the usual business of New Shoes and Virgins, the run was explained in great detail by our venerable Hares who produced an idiots guide on how to make it through the run, this went on for some time and I was concerned that it was going to get dark before the run set off. Maybe I’m old school or maybe I’m an unsympathetic old soldier who believes that the Hares should say “the trail starts over there so fuck off and work it out for yourselves”. The Hares had laid three runs, long, short and beer hunters trail to an excellent elephant trekking resort complete with bar and a seating area with a view. The Hares had even arranged for a Katoye barmaid to keep SCAR W/2T’S happy.

Back at the “A” site after some excellent V.V. food everyone agreed that it was a good run.

The Social Bit:

After the run it was good to catch up with people and have a chat, which is my favorite part of the hash. I had a chat with RAMBO WW2 who having had a new knee is fully fit and has been back for a few weeks now. Jack is the only PH3 hasher who can actually be carbon dated.

The Circle:

This never changes. Hares on ice, the run was voted a huge success, which it was. The Hares put a lot of effort into this run and it’s very much appreciated by all.

After the raffle I noticed that GENERAL KIDNEY WIPER hasn’t won a prize for two straight weeks now, very unusual and I’m sure that he will be back to his lucky self in the near future.

In the absence of EMPEROR AIRHEAD, LONE WOLF took the role as the Good RA and acquitted himself most admirably.

One Virgin this week, none other than the young sister of HONEY BEAR, who had flown in from the Philippines that morning, and taken straight to the run. It’s her first time in Thailand and I’m sure that some of you would like to make her very, very welcome.

There was one run anniversary this week, congratulations to SPANKENSTEIN for completing 50 runs and also to KEE MAH and SCAR W/2T’S for receiving their 200 run tee shirts.

Another successful run completed. I look forward to seeing you all next week plus a few returners.

On-On!  1/4 Pounder with Cheese

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