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PH3 Run 1623 Scribe

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This weeks run was hared by VV, TOM BOY, POLE FUCKER. We all met at the Buffalo Bar to catch the songthaew to the A-Site, a few of the hashers turn up at the Buffalo Bar a little wet after dodging the water throwers celebrating Songkran. On the way to the A-Site the songthaew were hit a few times by water but all in all we survived the trip.

Arriving at the A-Site the circle was formed and WANK-KING'S WANKER christened the new shoes with free beer and then introduce the virgins to the circle. Some of us did the run, some did the walk and the lazy ones went to the bar. The run was good with a couple of water crossings, well papered and a couple of hard checks, great run set by the hares.

Back at the A-Site VV gourmet kitchen was in full swing with his barbecue working over time, great job VV. With  our GM ( NO MORE CUM ) away on a sex tour to Phuket. SCAR W/2TS only being retired for 3 months was asked to once again take charge as the GM for the night. It was great to see SCAR W/2TS had not lost his touch and started well. He iced the Hares and quizzed the circle about the run and got thumbs up from all the hashers. He then brought in the three hashers from Cambodia, one of them being SCARS sparing partner from last years CAMBODIAN NASH HASH. They announced this years CAMBODIAN NASH HASH will be in May and said Pattaya hashers will be most welcome to attend.

RAFFLE: SIR FREE WILLY did his Raffle and this week we were lucky that GAS MAN donated two beautiful Lobsters from Western Australia. It was great to see a regular visitor from Australia (GAS MAN) thought of us to bring this gift, great work and Hash Hero. The winners of the Raffle this week,  PUSSY FUCKER won the grand prize of two beautiful lobsters other winners were GENERAL KIDNEY WIPER, COLY the visitor, LIPOVITAMIN, VIRGIN, STUPID KRAUT KUNT, TWINKLE DICK, HOY LAU SAI, COLONEL CORNHOLE, SAME SAME, FREQUENT STREAKER. CONGRATULATIONS to All our winners.

EMPEROR AIRHEAD: EMPEROR AIRHEAD call all the over 60 hashers into the circle and then brought the THAI LADY HASHERS into do the traditional SONGKRAN CEREMONY, it was great to watch and for me I enjoyed it as I have not seen this ceremony before.

FREQUENT STREAKER's girl friend was brought into the circle and interviewed about there relationship and as a result of this interview was named DOESN'T COME ENOUGH, hopefully FREQUENT STREAKER can assist her more in the future.

SCAR W/2TS: Brought in MENTAL TAMPAX to be officially named after he was named at the SCANDIHOOLIGANS WALK ABOUT RUN, PUSSY WHIPPED was bucketed so he could witness this event as all night he had been harassing people all night about the naming.

LONE WOLF: Iced TURD BURGLAR for having Alzheimer's and forgetting KARAMBA's name, who could forget a hashers name after his always placing coffee beans in his rectum, I would never forget his name. LONE WOLF then bucketed the noisy female CAMBODIAN HASHER ( name unknown ) for talking and also from last years Cambodian Nash Hash for interrupting many times SCAR W/2TS when he had the circle up there.

Once again another great day out with great friends,

On-On!  Menstrual Disorder

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