Pattaya H3

PH3 Run 1624 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by Spankinstein

At the A-Site we noticed that the Hares – SIR FREE WILLY, LADY FLIPPER, PUSSY FUCKER and TURD BURGLAR put some effort into the sight with flagging and some bits of history posted around the site with photo’s of the notables, important with this crowd are big letters and lot’s of photo’s when it comes to reading.

Such notables as A.S Gispert founder of the Hash in 1938, General Montgomery, Rudyard Kipling and Willy’s personal physician Dr. Harold Shipman, who killed 275 patients. Missed one.

Runners arrive by baht bus after some delay because someone couldn’t play nice with others, sounded like someone doesn’t understand Songkran. No matter. SQUEEZE MY TUBE told the runners “Do you want to run or no?” and sorted it out with the drivers fortunately.

WANK-KING’S WANKER calls the circle just as our GM NO MORE CUM arrives from Phuket bike ride to take over the circle

Front runner’s KARAMBA and MEME first in as FREE WILLY starts the music soundtrack or did it just start on its own? Wasn’t “Chariots of Fire” but close…maybe the music just follows them.

Everyone back from the run, GM put’s Hares on ice. All agree it was a good run.

Raffle winners excited as it was booze or anything with the Union Jack on it.

EMPEROR AIRHEAD takes the circle confessing the A-Site’s “scary forest” setting is very similar to what’s inside his head most times. Dark and far away from anything.

AIRHEAD still waiting on FREE WILLY to arrive on a white horse one of these times for St. George’s Run, unfortunately the last time WILLY tried it the white horse was a police car going to the Bangkok Hilton. Someday AIRHEAD.

The EMPEROR voices concern about the run being an early St. George holiday or celebrating Hitler’s birthday? Of course the Germans love it and cheer. All iced after that. AIRHEAD calls BIMBO on the ice, Bimbo is “Harriers” magazine.

NIGHT RIDER iced by EMPEROR AIRHEAD for interrogation purposes. Apparently NIGHT RIDER was leaving TQ and bounced a Swedish motorcyclist off the side of his truck. His response was “I wasn’t that drunk” which we hear all the time. Considering NIGHT RIDER's driving history the Swede had nothing to do with it.

BIMBO considering letting NIGHT RIDER contribute to Harrier Magazine about how to donate money to girls in need and get out of police roadblocks in Pattaya. NIGHT RIDER did get a breathalyzer and was fined 15,000 Bht, jailed for 24 hours but made his plane the next day, which is no easy task. Maybe he doesn’t know how to get out of roadblocks…or just that one.

AIRHEAD ices the Aussies explaining why they are alcoholics. He mentions the amount of alcohol it takes to make Aussie women appear attractive will make you an alcoholic. They’re usually grazing for beer he states.

WANK-KING’S WANKER takes the circle for awards, looking for our awards top presenter SPAG who is hiding right next to him. STUPID KRAUT KUNT for his 200th Run Shirt and MENTAL DISORDER for 100 Run Shirt. Kai was quiet the rest of the night playing with his shiny new shirt.

BURL IVES treats us to a song titled “You could grow up to be a POM” not very well received by the POM’s.

SHEIK MEME takes the circle and ices the Hares, MEME thanks BURL IVES and reminds him everyone hates him.

FREE WILLY’s soundtrack continues again with air raid sirens, STUPID KRAUT KUNT looks up with a tear in his eye wishing for days of old.

Professor KARAMBA offers a quick history lesson about the Crusades and St. George. MEME jumps into SPAG’s chair and starts channeling him…soon he’s shaking uncontrollably and speaking in tongues.

GRANDMASTER takes the circle, ices MENTAL DISORDER quizzing him about an episode where M.D locked himself out of room and got the security guards to do some acrobatics on the 13th floor balconies across from each other. All for 200Bht. Advised not to do anymore.

On a more somber note GM declares a moment of silence for two Hashers that have passed this week. HUMPERDINCK from Chiang Mai Hash and KUNG FU KUNT from the Pattaya Hash. RIP.

LORD CHICKEN FUCKER leads us out with a song for the ladies.

On-On!  Spankinstein

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