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PH3 Run 1627 Scribe

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Today’s run is at Monastery Hill, a good A-Site we’ve used a quite a few times before, with plenty of parking and very easy to get to. Hares today SIR SPAGHETTI HEAD and ROTATE HER LATER so expect a good long run/walk.

Circle starts with WANK-KING'S WANKER welcoming PH3 runners, visitors and virgins. Hares iced for being noisy bastards, RATSO EEL SNIFFER in the bucket followed by GASMAN but not enough room for both of them so RATSO out.

BARNACLE BOLLOX bought a friend, Frank Douche Bag and he had shoes that were nearly new so he got to drink from one. Virgins Tanya, Tim Cory and Jess Jameson in for a PH3 welcome and will be dealt with later by the EMPEROR.

Hares in to tell us about the run Checks, FT’s red, etc and the run starts with RUNNING BARE, MARATHON MAN, GI JOE taking the lead but I ran past them, I also ran past a check and an FT, blind c**t. Back to the check and start walking with LONE WOLF and NIGHT RIDER, shit another check then another check.

Five checks in 10 minutes is a record and we can still see the A-Site. Good running area with lots of trails, sandy tracks and shade. Plenty of short cutting bastards today only TADPOLE and myself trying to do the whole run, we found 1 unbroken check, check number 13, but as some of the paper had been washed away by rain it’s not easy to complete the run but easy to get back to the A-Site so I’m on in.

SIR FREE WILLY takes the circle for the raffle, ODD JOB wins whiskey, other winners WANK-KING'S WANKER, ODD JOB again, WANK-KING'S WANKER declines second win WAX OFF winner and both Beer Police win.

EMPEROR AIRHEAD takes charge and ices the Hares and gets feedback from runners, good run enjoyed by all, thanks hares job well done. FREE WILLY look alike iced for no Hash shirt and explains that he’s not a cheap c*nt, he bought a shirt but it was too nice to wear at a hash run. 3 Virgins iced, the lovely Tanya and Tim and Jess all given an EMPEROR AIRHEAD welcome.

RATSO EEL SNIFFER iced for his 71st birthday. Happy Birthday RATSO. Story of the week was when RATSO was a young fella he was drunk and called a sex hotline and fell asleep and got a bill for $5,000 and no happy ending. I was surprised they had telephones back then, thought it may be done by telegram.

BARNACLE BOLLOX takes the circle and ices WAX OFF and the 3 Marines then tells a joke that makes SIR SPAG look like a professional comedian. He should have iced himself.

MEME takes over and ices WAX OFF, GOLDEN RIVET, RSB, GREYHOUND and FOWL FUCKER. Hares iced again then LONE WOLF iced for being too rich. BARNACLE BOLLOX iced with his buddy Frank Douche Bag.

Final down downs for the returner then straight into the Hash Hymn. A few of us remain behind the finish our beers and watch VV and LIBERACE pack up the Beer Truck and it takes them 30 minutes longer than it took SWEETIE.

Until next week

On-On!  Rear Gunner

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