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PH3 Run 1629 Scribe

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Well, this week's run saw 50 Hashers partake in a 4 km walk or 6+ km run with much of the walk/run being over fairly simple terrain. A good run nevertheless. With the run out of the way, the Scottish Hares, GENERAL KIDNEY WIPER and REALLY SADISTIC BASTARD began dishing out the "Scotch on the Rocks" ...usually without the rocks. This went down pretty smooth and along with a few beers made my scribbled notes illegible toward the end of the night.

It was noticed a case of Pepsi that was on the Raffle table suddenly disappeared once all the tickets were sold.  After numerous complaints, miraculously SIR FREE WILLY pulled the case of Pepsi out of his ass and the Raffle was on including the Pepsi. SIR FREE WILLY also did his best to break the bathroom scale won by a fellow hasher in the Raffle.

The GM took over with the Raffle behind us icing SIR FREE WILLY and G.I. JOE, though I'm not sure why.  Whatever the reason, they probably deserved it. Certainly SIR FREE WILLY deserved a couple hours in the bucket for both the Pepsi and bathroom scale involvements. The Hares and ABSOLUTELY NO F*CKING IDEA were iced next.  Mel Gibson would have been proud of the Hares as their makeup was as good if not better than the "Braveheart" war paint.

EMPEROR AIRHEAD failed in his attempt to make the nipper MINOR DISORDER a bartender, and took the circle also icing the HaresEMPEROR AIRHEAD gave credit to the Scots for being the first on the moon amongst other things, to the dismay of the Americans on the outskirts. Who knows, there may be a "moon" bar in Aberdeen somewhere?  The EMPEROR is a stickler about the directional signs to find the sights and once again scolded the Hares for using dark blue and black letters... fair enough.  BANANA BENDER and BURL IVES then offered some sort of ancient Scottish folk song to the Hares. This was followed by the EMPEROR giving an explanation of the history of the Scottish Kilt.  Something about Haggis, fake sheep's stomach got involved in this history but damned if I can remember why.

A new guy "Hans" next took the ice to be named.  Apparently this guy has yet to say 2 words to anyone at these events, but although there were several names suggested relating to this sickness, the group chose SLACK VAGINA as his Hash Name.  Go figure.  BAHT BUS GESTAPO was next to take the ice and his Tee Luk who also needed a Hash Name.  There was no voting allowed here with EMPEROR AIRHEAD dubbing her LADY SNAKE.

The GM now took over the circle icing LIBERACE and SIR REALLY SADISTIC BASTARD noting both of them could use some help with their choice of clothing.  LIBERACE received a well deserved T-shirt for completing 10 Hared RunsGANGREEN was recognized for 200 RunsABSOLUTELY NO F*CKING IDEA was next welcomed to the ice bucket.

GENERAL KIDNEY WIPER took over the circle briefly with some discussion included about whether a female dog is a bitch or a dog??  Beats me.

The GM once again took over the circle icing both MENTAL DISORDER and better half MENSTRUAL DISORDERMENSTRUAL DISORDER's urchin MINOR DISORDER was thrown in for good measure.

Some more folk songs were next, with the Beatles song "She Loves You" being completely butchered and extended to what seemed like a half hour!

B.B. iced the GM and ABSOLUTELY NO F*CKING IDEA.  I then lost track of things with 8 Hashers being iced at once.  BURL IVES next took the circle icing the Hares combined with more rhythm & blues & some church music.  Sweet Chariot & it was time to go.

On-On!  Golden Rivet

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