Pattaya H3

PH3 Run 1630 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by Beverley Hills Pink Cock

It’s that day of the year again where we can let our true inner-self out and become likes in the rank of Conchita Wurst and Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner with no shame – but only for the day …… watch out – Betty Boop Run!

It was only a short stroll down to the Ban Amphur beach this time for me as I watched out what the Hare team was doing the previous week. The A-Site was on a nice empty plot just near the beach – very appropriate for the cross-dresser spectacle. And it was fun, some appearing already properly dressed before the run.

And also our special visitors this week about 13 or so from HMAS Perth came in style for the Betty Boop fashion. After a while the GM WANK-KING'S WANKER took the circle and called order for the run and the Hares explained their markings which would eventually lead us around Ban Amphur beach, village and along the rail tracks on the dark side of town.

As I was suffering from a broken rib it was only walking for me this week. Started with STINKY SLOPPY along the beach and were followed by GI JOE who was walking this time also, front runners long gone. Eventually we were caught up by TADPOLE and ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKING IDEA and as a pack we solved all the trail miracles together, staggering back along the railway line looking for paper. It was all in all a good run, papered well, around 6.5 km in full, a good distance for stretching the old legs on a Monday afternoon. Well done Hares!

After some refreshment back at the A-Site and VV’s Sandwiches of which I didn’t get one because they were all gone already, must be these hungry worker’s from the Boat (yes that’s what our GM WANKINGS repeatedly called their place of work). Who ate all the pies?

After some time of dressing and make-upping for the scheme, WANK-KING'S WANKER called the second circle icing the Hares AXEL GREASE and MRS HEAD (who said head?) first and congratulated them for their work and well laid run. Then it was up to FREE WILLY for the Raffle prizes and well deserved down-down’s for the winners.

Then it was EMPEROR AIRHEAD again who gets the Hares on ice again and congratulated them for a good in-town run and all the work they put in, they looked like a good Betty Boop Team anyway. Next on ice it was the whole gang from the HMAS Perth, Australian sailors, I counted 13 or so ….

Well, we learned that these Aussie sailors living in style on their “Boat” with even alcohol being served, for some admittedly every day for some not (believe it or not).

Then it was on to the Betty Boop Competion, the prize for the most unique cross-dresser. It was mostly KIDNEY WIPER in pursuit of some well dressed sailors, the favorite of the girl judges panel and the winner emerged eventually as the Conchita Wurst impersonificator, shaking his a…e and the miniskirt to make the girls scream…. Also, the best dressed woman came from HMAS Perth beating out TADPOLE in her kinky Pink Panther dress.

TEENY WEENY ices the Scots, the sailors again and the GM for taking his hand on a “White Woman” which can be called “exotic” taste in Thailand.

WANK-KING'S WANKER took over and brought in the anniversaries for the week; TESTICLES for 50 Runs (took him 30 yrs to come up to that number) and TADPOLE for 450 Runs.

LORD CHICKEN FUCKER was next with icing TEENY WEENY, some of the sailors and presenting his old tune about the Fat Bastard for the amusement of the pack.

The Hares Song was presented by the Navy visitors with the Happy Song which we all know so well and the day of fun ended with the Hash Hymn and the last down-down as usual.

What a nice day and a good Betty Boop celebration again – in tradition of the Pattaya Hash! On On to the on on Bar….

On-On!  Beverley Hills Pink Cock

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