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Well, it's Monday again. Don't feel too chipper. The other half is up-country so I didn't get in until 8 this morning. So SIR FREE WILLY tells me I'm the scribe today. Great!

GM WANK-KING'S WANKER ices STOOL MOVER and myself even before the run started. Two opened beers for New Shoes. And no new shoes! So we've got to drink them.

As I've got a bad knee (well maybe that's just an excuse), my best option was the nearest Mama and Papa bar. Along with SIR REALLY SADISTIC BASTARD, GENERAL KIDNEY WIPER, WANK-KING'S WANKER, DOG LICKS IT'S DICK, EMPEROR AIRHEAD, ANAL BREADFRUIT, SIR SPAG and LORD NELSON.

Got back to the A-Site and were all kicking our heels waiting for the first runner back from this very long run. Over 9 km so I'm told. First man back was GI JOE.

Circle started and the Hares were iced as usual. Good run voted by all. Then EMPEROR AIRHEAD gave us an astronomy lesson pointing out Jupiter, Venus and the moon.

Raffle held by SIR FREE WILLY . I think LORD NELSON picked up a doll. No .... not that type of doll. Strange Boy ...

The other bar hunters and I were iced. For being beer hunters!

Virgin called in, Fred from Sweden. I,myself called in to receive my 100 Run T-Shirt.

Sorry but the rest of my scribe I can;t read. Might have something to do with the beer!

I hope the rest of the 52 runners had a good day out. I did, I think.

A poem by the hares.

Monday again, the weekend is over.
Maybe most of you at this day are sober.
What could do at that day?

Go to the beach, do housework or collect some trash?
No... it's Monday and you better go to the Hash.
Do a good run, have some beer and sitting on the ice a few times or more.

That's what people are coming for.
You can spent your Monday busy or lazy...
Or you go to the hash and spent it a little bit crazy.

Returners led the Hash Hymn. Then back to Miss Langsom for a night cap.

On-On!  Wee Moaning Weasel

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