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PH3 Run 1636 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by Absolutely No Fucking Idea

It was a long trip south for all of the Hashing crew today to meet up at Soi Spag some way off of the 332. With the beer truck parked outside SPAG’s pad, sign ups where taken and a quick chat before the GM called the circle.

Today lone hare MRS HEAD told us about the run with no FT's and off we went, across fields, along tracks and across some more fields.

Back at the A Site we all sat around drinking beers and telling tales until the second circle was called by WANK-KING'S WANKER for the rest of the day’s proceedings. First to be iced was BALL RINGER and NECROPHILIA NIGHT RIDER for being late to the circle and making the GM wait.

The lone hare MRS HEAD was iced and the GM took a first survey about today’s run as he did his usual Beer Hunter’s trail today, with WILD WOLF declaring the run great apart from all the flat bits and a general feeling of another fine trail set.

The Raffle was called and winners included LIBERACE, ANAL BREADFRUIT, JIM BEAM, LINEAR ACCELERATOR and WEE MOANING WEASEL bagging himself a perfect low level drinks table for when he is passed out on the floor.

Next EMPEROR AIRHEAD takes the circle to ice SIR SPAGHETTI HEAD on his birthday with tales of his early days of hashing back in 1897 when the Beer Truck was still horse drawn and, presented SIR SPAG with a 3 foot high award for services to the PH3.

A birthday cake which had only 1 candle due to the tight budget was presented to the birthday boy, the fire risk was considered to be too great in such a build up area if the correct amount of candles where lit anyway.

MRS HEAD was iced for again as Hare for her many years hashing dating back to Run 769 in1998 including 663 Runs and 23 Hares. She is the senior female hasher with most runs and the 9th highest run total overall.

Anniversaries for today were 100 Runs in 19 years for SCOOBY DOO.

SHEIK MEME took the circle to ice ANAL BREADFRUIT along with MRS HEAD blaming her as he ended up on a false false trail and only got back to the A-Site by jumping over garden walls, with SEAL SUCKER thrown in the bucket for good measure.

SIR FREE WILLY was iced for nearly killing SIR SPAGHETTI HEAD in the past and, DIZZY ended up on the ice because he only turned up due to the run being so close to his home.

Next the circle was handed over to a visiting GM from Subic Bay WILD WOLF who put DEL BOY in the bucket for buying new shoes and then dirtying them up to avoid a free down down, this crime was dealt with by a beer from each shoe which DEL BOY decided to wear over his head instead of drink.

SIR FREE WILLY was again put on ice as an EMPEROR AIRHEAD lookie likey for a rule 6 offense that was never denied.

Next came a load of icing for various crimes against hashing that included ANAL BREADFRUIT, SHEIK MEME, LINEAR ACCELERATOR, CRIMSON PENIS and WANK-KING'S WANKER, then LADY SNAKE and RABBIT SHOOTER.

The Hare’s Song was sung by WILD WOLF followed by the Hash Hymn and a long trip back to Jameson’s Irish Pub for some great food and more beers.

On-On!  Absolutely No Fucking Idea

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