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PH3 Run 1644 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by GI Joe

Today is the Veterans Run and it showed by the amount of people. This is one of the times we have to order the third Baht Bus. When we get the third bus departure time schedule goes out the door. We finally got to the A-Site and most of the signups were already done. It is a nice A-Site and we haven’t been in that area for a while.

The GM starts the circle and introduces our Virgins for this week. After that the hares, two old, old, old veterans comes in to tell about the run. The two hares are also veterans of the Beer Hunters crew. Their first news is to disappoint the Beer Hunters by telling them there is no bar within walking distance. Shame on our two veteran hares SIR SPAGHETTI HEAD and GENERAL KIDNEY WIPERRSB starts getting withdrawal pains after that announcement. The good news is there will be a run. After the usual Checks, FTs and Back checks information the run starts.

We come to the first check and me and SPERM POLLUTER took the uphill area to check. I always figured if I’m wrong it’s easier to run down hill to catch up. As usual we hear on on at the bottom of the hill. I decide to go just a little more because I could see the top of the hill. I wanted to make sure the others were on the true trail. It turned out we were right and off we went calling on on. You can always depend on RUNNING BARE to go the wrong way. He does have the ability to catch up and pass the front runners. Now we are way ahead of the pack just to find a backcheck. Now I’m where I belong in the back of the pack after the backcheck is solved. I do some how catch up with some of the faster runners just to come to a check and get a FT. That is the way the rest of the run went for me. I did finally make it in toward the back of the pack. I enjoyed the run and I do need the extra exercise even though I’m in good shape - round.

After the run we get together and tell lies to each other. That works better with a few beers. We try to clean up a little just so we don’t smell too bad for the people around us.

The GM calls the circle together and has trouble being heard. That didn’t take long to correct all he had to do was put five people on the ice. Next up was the hares to be iced and by popular vote it was deem a good run. The walkers and runners came in together and that is a sign of a good trail. Next SIR FREE WILLY does the Raffle. I was curious what the Pineapple Spirits tasted like. Anytime I tried Spirits it always tasted like Rubbing Alcohol but pineapple spirits who knows.

Now the fast talking SHEIK MEME comes in to do his part. He quickly ices the Hares and TURD BURGLAR. He Praises the Hares and TURD BURGLAR iced because he’s TURD BURGLAR. He then ices TADPOLE and CRASHER because they were the only two lady hashers at the Jesters Care for Kids outing. Next he ices LONE WOLF and LINEAR ACCELERATOR for working the gates at Jesters Care for Kids outing. It’s hard to keep up with MEME when he’s in the circle so I’ll just say he iced half the people. I was a little disappointed he didn’t roll on the ground this week. He should have been one of those preachers jumping around.

The GM comes back in and ices SHEIK MEME.  I don’t know why probably because he could. He passes the circle to GENERAL KIDNEY WIPER who tells us what this run is all about. It’s about the hashers that have passed on. So we have a moment of silence and a toast to those passed hashers. Next QUARTER POUNDER WITH CHEESE tells us about the auction where someone bids on a pair of earrings from the Worlds Largest Jewelry Store. Him thinking maybe if he bid a little higher they could earn more money. After his bid of 45000 Baht to his surprise he won the earrings.

MENTAL DISORDER does the circle and ices GASMAN and MR. POTATO HEAD for having a night out with a person of the other gender. When will you dumb asses learn Face Book is not your friend?  Also why would you post anything like that?

Next I don’t know who did what but these are some of the other highlights. MENSTRUAL DISORDER was praised for doing 100 runs and 22 hares and volunteering to help with the beer truck. Well done!  SIR SPAGHETTI HEAD received a 70 Hared shirt .We need more people like that but get a life.  Thanks to QUARTER POUNDER WITH CHEESE and SHEIK MEME for telling at least one funny joke a piece. And of course thanks to GANGREEN for taking the circle. He explained all about TURD BURGLARS strange ways and entertained us.

Sorry if I missed something important if I did just ice me next week. Hares did a great oldie song and finished with the Hash Hymn.

On-On!  GI Joe

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