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Monday again, ready for beers. And Pattaya H3 as the only weekly running Hash, and serving my favor beer, San Mig Light – Life is good! Ok yes we have to do a run first.

Transport, being Baht Buses, left Buffalo Bar on time 15:30 and we are on the way. Signups at the A-Site went smoothly and we were ready for the first circle 16:15. We try to get out early now, as it is dark season, but for me coming from Norway, it is not dark season as we are used to.

The Hares, SIR FREE WILLY, LADY FLIPPER and DEL BOY told us all about the run and markings, and off we went. I had not come far before I found the first false trial, put me behind of the pack, but that is Hashing.

Rest of the trail was without typical PH3 trial, a mix of dirt roads, jungle, swamps and open fields. Coming closer to the end of the run all the front runners was lead out in a kind of dry lake, only to find a false trial mark again, with a smiley face to it.

We there had the choice over a short swim and shortcut on in. Nevertheless, most of us did the right thing, run the 1K back to the check and found the right trial in on paper. But we had to cross water up to the waist as well.

Good run seems like most people thought, but a bit longer than usual. However, thanks to an early start, most people was in before dark, and could enjoy their choice of cold refreshments. And this is the time we all enjoy, hanging out, talking with old and new friends, getting some new clothes on, drinking beers and sharing stories.

As RA I do have some circle time, so a little conference with the GM on how we sort things out is always handy.  And today was Halloween Run and we had special prizes for best costume.

But first it was the normal things, Hares on in and have a seat, we all said what we thought about the run and quickly moved on to Raffle lottery. Many nice prizes, and as always liquor seems to go first. I don’t have the names of the winners, but I did not win anything, so better concentrate on the next to take the circle, EMPEROR AIRHEAD.

He quickly ices the Hares, and talking about family values and for SIR FREE WILLY and LADY FLIPPER to bringing a new boy (toy) into the house, LADY FLIPPER seem to be quite happy to have him come on over at any time.

EMPEROR AIRHEAD carries on the circle as only he can do, bringing in visitors from an African Hash I don’t remember the name of, and more. Before he moves on to contest for the best Halloween costume. Two prizes, one for the boys and one for girls. Have a look at the photos to see who won.

At this time either my memory fails a bit, or my notes are a bit blurred, but the GM takes the circle again, before myself does a bit of icing of well-deserved hashers, and then SHEIK MEME takes over. He is a rather small Australian, but with a voice of thunder.

And no one is safe when he is about, including myself who was iced for designing the shirt he was wearing. Other fellow hasher was followed either on the ice block or in the bucket.

Finally it is time for returners to have the last down downs and lead us in the Hash Hymn. Swing Low Sweet Chariot, coming for to taking me home and on on.

Which means on on to the on on bar that is the Boomerang Guest House this time, and the served us cold beers and free food. A few of us kept going in the night and ending up in Hash Heaven Tahitian Queen as the last I remember.

On-On!  Scar w/2T's

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