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Scribe Report by Crasher (as told to Sheik Meme)

Great A-Site with lots of options to play with, of which the hares tried their best.

Lots of freshly planted tapioca and black top was the feature of the run and there were marginal runners that were bemoaning not taking the Beer Hunter option.

White checks, brown checks, check had it all.

Everyone happy to be home and VV's French baguettes and cold beer to get the day into perspective .

Circle begins with the stand in skipper SCAR W/2T'S. Very military and similar to the other Joint Master, so everything went without a hitch and no one noticed that the GM was on the King's Ride with the Jesters, who we, the PH3, co-habitats with at the TQ. Anyway, I don't remember a word he said, which is standard procedure standing next to RATSO EEL-SNIFFER and the RUBBER DICK...... they have so much to say that is so relevant and should be taking the circle to assist the pommie Luftwaffer, Norwegian megaphone and the confused American.

The aptly named AIRHEAD took the circle after the Raffle, and thank god for that! I had 4 in depth conversations, came back 15 minutes later and the Raffle was still going. Was at a stage where no-one was accepting the prizes and FREE WILLY was not getting the hint!

Back to the AIRHEAD, and outside of the Hares, the long suffering (us) FREE WILLY was given the World Cup trophy in some sort of a political gesture for his semi retirement and dedication to the PH3MEME belted by the AIRHEAD over taking his Lady and kids to the TQ for dinner or something. RATSO EEL-SNIFFER wife Barb, who Larry is taking credit that because he booted her out, and she meets a rich Sugar Daddy and he wants his spotters fee.

SPANKY is back from America and thank God for that, he looked like WANK-KING'S WANKER, only healthier!

Talking of the aforementioned W-KW, it sat on the ice to do the awards, considering that it would be more entertaining and held our attention for an entire minute before we returned to mayhem.

SCAR W/2T'S back in the circle. SIR MC for escaping new shoes, which were pleaded as only cleaned recently. (Put ya to sleep stuff........)

Hasher Amy from Australia after 5 hash runs gets named "KOALA BEAR" and the SHEIK MEME, the pseudo father told of the torture raising the said KOALA BEAR and bla bla bla as you would expect he raved on about nothing remotely riveting. Being the vegan was a highlight of the naming.

There was much conjecture about the writing of this scribe, as previous scribes written by the FREE WILLY, under another harsher's handle? This is an unprecedented act of terror! Pinning friend against friend......... Bernie Morris's scribe 2 weeks ago resembled nothing of what he wrote about the AIRHEAD or anything else for that matter! It was decided to undertake this scribe report without any editorial input from the FREE WILLY.

There was additional conjecture regarding MC's name and that it should be changed to something more palatable. We have not seen our SIR MC for so long, and he seems to have come back more Miserable than he left! In a brave new world, the thinking is that if you hear a negative comment/name calling (miserable c*nt for example) it has a taxing effect on ones overall happiness? 'Twas wonderful having him back today, although one needs to remind him that it was not the best Monday run ever albeit his persuasion was exercised without agreement, except by the virgin.

At the time of the Hash Hymn, MEME foolishly reminded the acting stand in Joint GM and regular RA that we the PH3 should be more vigilant with resources and that the bucket containing heaps of fresh ice was not used at all.......... MEME had a first time experience and done the Hash Hymn from the bucket!

The return to the TQ on-on and the best food ever produced. You had to be there and a bunch of us stayed there until way after midnight.

On-On!  Crasher

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