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Scribe Report by Turd Burglar (as told to Sir Free Willy)

Note: Apologies for late posting. Received Thursday but delayed due to a nasty case of that flu that's going around - Webmaster

So there I was having a farewell drink with PUSSY FUCKER in Bangkok and lamenting the fact that this drink had made me miss last week's hash when crash, bang, wallop the T.V. exploded with the news that the one, the only David Bowie had kicked the bucket.. Gone to meet his maker.. Gone to conduct the celestial choir invisible.. Definitely one of my Heroes.. How I would have loved to have been the scribe last week to be topical but My Pen Rai as I missed it.

So its Monday and I am on the PH3 surrounded by Oh! You Pretty Things in the form of six Hares no less in MENTAL DISORDER, MENSTRUAL DISORDER, REAR GUNNER, PINKABOO, and to ring the Ch Ch Changes PHONY C--T and WHINGER.. as the Boss of Me NO MORE CUM calls the first circle.. Everything explained for the Absolute Beginners and its a case of Let's Dance as we head off to find the Starman waiting in the shiggy.

The Diamond Dogs, the Rebel Rebels and the Queen Bitch alike chase each other using Sound and Vision, over hill and dale in search for the holy grail.. Truly a Fantastic Voyage.

I come back to see Thursday's Child/LADY SNAKE and China Girl/SUZY WONG prancing around wearing a huge pink bra with one cup on each head.. Apparently this was Raffle prize for later that was being abused by the Western Powers Axis.

Winding down time and time to chew the cud and discuss our Life on Mars.

Second circle called and NMC proves The Boys Keep Swinging by icing the Hares, Dirty Boys and Kooks, and as there are six Hares and we all know who they are so I am not going to keep writing all six names down.. The Hares shall suffice and it was agreed it was a good run at an often used A-Site, the Asian University.

Raffle time and The Gene Genie as well as The Man Who Stole the World, SIR FREE WILLY, oversees seven stonking prizes to the likes of MISS USE ME, HONEY BEAR, MR CHEAP, GANGREEN, MILKY WAY and GENERAL KIDNEY WIPER.

'Ground Control to Major Tom', definitely not one of the The Young Americans, EMPEROR AIRHEAD ices The Hares followed by our very own V.V. to get one of the special AIRHEAD awards for service to the Hash finishing off with SHEIK MEME and 'son' to apparently discuss SMM's linear heritage.

LONE WOLF had no Sense of Doubt when he takes over to dish out this weeks awards Like a Rocket Man.. Two this week.. A 50 Run plate for MR CHEAP and 50 Runs achieved for CRAPPER.

The PH3's own V-2 Schnieder, HULK takes the circle to ice SFW & your very own scribe, TURD BURGLAR to prove or disprove who had brought the massive pink bra for the Raffle.. Whether someone will actually wear it or whether it will just turn Ashes to Ashes remains to be seen.

Most certainly not in Blue Jean, The Laughing Gnome, SHEIK MEME steps in in an attempt at Fame to ice once more The Hares just to keep the Boys Still Swinging.

Ziggy Stardust or as we know him, SCAR W2T's struts his stuff to ice the returner with no shirt and no I can't remember his name as I Would Rather Be High but God Knows I am Good.

MENTAL DISORDER gives the treatment to SFW, the Space Oddity, GANGREEN, NMC and HULK to discuss the first mentioned purchasing chocolate coated chips and the effect it had on their respective waistlines. I know from experience sometimes sitting there you Feel So Lonely You Could Die.

Under Pressure none of the six Hares have a song for All The Madmen, which often these day's is the Fashion, so it is down to Aladdin Sane in the form of Master of Music STEPTOE to come up with some Black Tie White Noise in an act of Rock 'n' Roll Suicide.

Wild is the Wind so with Sorrow it is time to end another chapter of our Golden Years.

Last down down's finished and the Hash Hymn sung before we Slip Away off to the T.Q. for happy hour, shadowed by our own Blackstar.

On-On!  Turd Burglar

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