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It's Monday again and you know, Monday is a hashing day! So we went out to the beautiful A-Site off Highway 36, providing total privacy.

Upon arriving, SIR FREE WILLY approached me and asked me to be the Scribe. So blame him, if you don't like any of the words below.

Our GM NMC called the first circle and we were informed, that standing and drinking publicly in the Baht busses should be avoided in the future, since a bunch of hashers were fined in the previous week for these offenses. Which reminds me of an article I've just read about 50 Thai police and military personnel raided a honourable Bridge club, operating since 1994.

The Bridge Club doesn't play for money, only for points. Anyway, they've held 32 elderly people (there was a 84 year old Dutch lady amongst them!) under a Thai law from 1935 that says no one can possess more than 120 playing cards at a time. Another alleged offence related to the fact that the cards did not have an official government seal on the boxes. After spending nearly 12 hours in custody, they all were released on bail at 3 am in the morning (shit, all bars are closing then).

The President of the Contract Bridge League of Thailand traveled to Pattaya to provide further information on “Bridge” and how it is played for points and not money. So police decided not to refer the case to Court. So the outcome is NOTHING - except that you can find this story now worldwide in the news. Well done!

We went off for the run through a lush and beautiful nature. As you know, my body is not really designed for running and I hate mountains. So I've also appreciated the mostly flat layout of the run.

After the run, V.V. provided very tasty BBQ'ed veal sausages. Lucky as I am, my better half couldn't take it completely. So I had to sacrifice myself and eat her second half.

Second circle was called and the good thing on being a Scribe is, you're allowed to sit. So I prepared myself with a seat, paper and pen and started to take plenty of notes. We had all the usual stuff in the circle, like Raffle, stats and icing Hares.

Fortunately, two of the Hares are with the PH3 band, The Bunglers. So as the Hares Song, they performed a well-known song of David Bowie, who sadly passed away the week before.

Wonder why there are not much details about the circles in this scribe? Well, here's the story. Upon leaving the run site, I've folded my notes and put it in the pocket of my speedo. You gotta know, the notes are always my reminder to provide the scribe to the webmaster.

This time I've forgotten to take the notes out of the pocket. Also my wife, beloved SUZY WONG, forgot to check the pockets before washing the speedo on the next day. So my notes have transformed to a small ball of cellulose.

On-On!  Hulk

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