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PH3 Run 1666 Scribe

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What a great day for a hash run, not hot and not cold just right. We jump on the baht bus to see many happy faces and the convoy heads to the A-Site. On arrival at the A-Site we are greeted by LIBERACE and BALL RINGER who are both eager to sign us up and take our money. NO MORE CUM calls the circle to order and introduces the virgin Mag Rittinghaus, and then introduces the two Hares to the circle, BURL IVES and GOLDEN RIVET. They explain their run and off we go to calls of ON ON. It was a great run which is well papered and some challenging checks, great work by the two Hares.

NO MORE CUM calls the second circle at 6:30 pm where he ices the two Hares, the hashers all agree that they enjoyed the run and thanked the Hares.

SCAR W/2T'S  comes in to the circle in replacement to EMPEROR AIRHEAD who went missing in action. What a great job SCAR W/2T'S did in his absence.

He then iced the BEER HUNTERS and inquired how their hunting went with smiles all around and thumbs up.

SIR FREE WILLY starts the Raffle where there are a lot of great prizes to be won. The lucky winners this week were, FLYING FINN, RUNNING DEER, VV, DEL BOY, Mag Rittinghaus (virgin), POCKET SOCKET, TWO TIME?

This weeks AWARDS represented to PIG PUSHER SWINE STABBER for 300 run and BORDERLINE with his 50 run plate.

NO MORE CUM iced LIBERACE and BAHT BUS GESTAPO and thank them for their weekly weather reports posted on Facebook, and the extra advice from a caring LIBERACE to bring warm clothes.

MENTAL DISORDER, iced  MANGO MUNCHER and asked her to explain the game she loves to play every night in bed called C.O.C.K She also explain that her boyfriend is happy for her to play that game every night in bed. Lucky man.

GANGREEN and STEPTOE also had their time in the circle and entertained the hashers with some great stories and fun, BURL IVES then entered the circle to do the Hare Song which he did with great enthusiasm. Once again a big thank you for a great day out.

The Hash Hymn was sung and then we all jump on to the baht buses to head back for more drinking and fun. We look forward to seeing you all again for the very especial Valentines Run next Monday and don't forget to all of you, bring your valentine with you.

On-On!  Mental Disorder

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