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Condolences to E.T. As his father passed away and where he is going it's -20 so hope he gets some warm cloths as we would like to see him back in Pattaya.

The circle was called at 1840.

A great run site and well marked but some how some runners missed a back check and did the scenic trail and a few kms as well. I love that area as under cover and great tracks with plenty of scope for checks.

The Hash Crash went to STEPTOE which was caused by a sole blow out and resulted in a half acre of skin removed from his knee. Man that had to hurt and has our symphony.

There were a few awards this evening and went to.

  • LOST CAUSE - 50 Runs and received a Hash Mug
  • TRY-A-FUCK - 200 Runs
  • ROBBING BASTARD - 200 Runs
  • SHEIK MEME - 200 Attendances
  • EMPEROR AIRHEAD - 1300 Attendances and received a Great Big  Beer Stein

As usual the Hares who did a great trail were iced for their effort.

The Raffle was next on the agenda and was and with the first draw winner, every one suggested they take FREE WILLY but decided on a prize instead. One of the prizes was a sexy Pink Thong and as we found out made a great Headband. Who would of thought?

We had the privilege of 6 virgins which was great to see.

REALLY SADISTIC BASTARD was called out as is the Great Poo Bar of the Beer Hunters and given his official Beer Hunters hash shirt. Good to see that they get the recognition they deserve for their diligence in Keeping the local bars going. What great guys.

As no beer in Pattaya being a Holiday it was decided to have a longer circle and drink the beer truck out. This Scribe did his best to help so things got a bit vague after a while.

Then the Hairs gave a great rendition of a great song?

Medan Hashers were iced. You guys are giving them a lot cause to ice us poor hashers going there in August but they took it in their stride.

ESTONIA F*** was iced for not bringing any eye candy ( girls ). Great to see him back. This man is a tribute to hashers and a party hasher at that. When asked about his hotel from what I could hear as sitting next to WKW. It seems that he doesn't have one and sleeps at the discos between chatting up the women. What a hasher. I am sure that next week he will bring along a lady friend or hopefully 3.

Medan GM received a Commemorative hash shirt from our hash.

Circle closed. There was some other stuff but not sure what it was. Couldn't of been important at least I hope not.

A suggestion that we call the Bucket W-KW chair as he spent some time sitting in there.

On-On!  Crapper

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