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Today we had the PH3 celebrating our first Leap Year Run since 1988, which for the numerically challenged was 28 years ago.

The hares were FREE WILLY, FLIPPER and DEL BOY. My man on the run, the incomparable GI JOE told me that the run duration was approximately 9 km although he personally did over 11 km.

During the sign up we were presented with a Leap Year run patch, which was a nice gesture, by the PH3 mismanagement. I’m sure all of those hashers who have a need to sew hash memorabilia onto their clothing will especially appreciate it.

The first circle was called with the usual new shoes and four hash virgins to deal with. That over, REALLY SADISTIC BASTARD, and myself, decided to make a reconnaissance of the nearest Bush Bar. We went through some dirt tracks and a bit of vegetation before arriving, four minutes later to the Bush Bar to enjoy cold libations and to watch all the runners go past us. We were very quickly joined by the rest of the beer hunters, SIR SPAGHETTI HEAD, WANK-KING’S WANKER and STUPID KRAUT K**T.

When the front runners returned we blazed a trail back to the A-Site so REALLY SADISTIC BASTARD could start making a dent into the Beer Chang that he so loves.

Circle called; and what a great circle it was. There were some very attractive Danish ladies there, I overheard FREE WILLY say that he was “drunk in spunk” but he may have been talking about a bar in Copenhagen.

During the circle, last Saturday’s PH3 Beach Party was brought up and apparently it was a big success, although I suspect that there may have been too much potato salad as the famous hash caterer NECROPHILIA  NIGHT RIDER spent over four hours peeling spuds, It brought a small shiver down my spine as it reminded me of my Army days. The event was attended by 45 hashers, which I think is a comfortable number for a beach party. LONE WOLF, VV and NO MORE CUM were called into the circle and named Hash Heroes for their various contributions for making the Saturday a big success.

Back to the Monday Run, EMPEROR AIRHEAD as usual dealt with the sinners, shirkers and the innocents who just deserved the ice. It was fun and the virgins seemed to be enjoying themselves, which is the whole point of the exercise.

A few anniversaries on the run this week; congratulations to TRY-A-FUCK for his 200th Run T-shirt. SHEIK MEME, for receiving his 200th Run T-shirt. And last but by no means least, ANAL CHEESE for his 100th Run. It has taken ANAL CHEESE 25 years to get 100 runs and this is a great achievement, there are a lot of hashers who can only spend a few weeks a year in Thailand and it guys like ANAL CHEESE who are as dedicated as the hashers who run week in week out, it’s only circumstances outside their control that stop them from being 500+ runners. So, well done.

The circle continues with an alternative RA, SHEIK MEME doing his Whirling Dervish impression. It was at this point that I got an invitation for lift to the on on bar TQ. I obviously jumped at the chance to get to one of my favorite bars early. When the others hashers arrived I was impressed by the turnout and support for the bar and the camaraderie of the hashers.

It was a great day out and thank you Hares for putting on a great run.

For those of you who enjoyed the day, the PH3 will be holding this Leap Year Run again on the 29th February 2044. See you there.

On-On!  1/4 Pounder with Cheese

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