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PH3 Run 1671 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by Absolutely No Fucking Idea

Note: At a morning after inspection the A-Site was found perfectly cleaned. The hares wish to express our thanks to the team that remained behind with the Brew Master and policed the entire site. This is the PH3 hashers at their very best, Thank you very much - The St.Paddy's Day hares.

Well today's St. Paddy’s Day Run was far out of town on the 331 but there’s plenty of good running country out there so worth the trip and a good turnout of hasher for today's run.

Our GM calls the first circle to deal with virgins and new shoes and a brief description of the run by a pair of confused Hares and off we went in one direction with the Beer Hunters in the other.

After the run every one settled down for some beers, a chat and a bowl of Irish stew.

Second circle is called by the GM NO MORE CUM and todays hares, WANK-KING’S WANKER, KEE MAH, MENTAL DISORDER and MENSTRUAL DISORDER were put on ice.

SIR FREE WILLY starts the Raffle with winning tickets held by POCKET SOCKET, LEFT BEHIND, SCAR W\2T’S, TADPOLE, GREEN MACHINE, FINGERLESS, ODD JOB and CASPAR plus a few others.

GREEN MACHINE won the bottle of Jameson'S whiskey that was donated by KEE MAH and St Paddy’s Day patches where awarded to 10 other lucky winners.

Next EMPEROR AIRHEAD ices the Hares and the verdict of the run was a big thumbs up. Then we came to the point when EMPEROR AIRHEAD placed a nervous looking Ken on the ice to receive a name, this is a character who makes his best friend the infamous NECROPHILIA NIGHT RIDER look like a nervous choir boy, anyway many names were thrown in the circle that had been discussed over a few beers earlier that afternoon but up pipes STUPID KRAUT KUNT with SIAM SEXUAL SAMURAI, at least we all thought that it was a name suggestion and not a request for a party invite later that evening, and with some ice cold holy water it was done Ken got named SIAM SEXUAL SAMARI and STUPID KRAUT KUNT got his date.

Virgins were dealt with next and they are Lena Wiberg from Sweden and Kent Nilsson followed by CRAPPER on ice so that POCKET SOCKET could receive a birthday cake and a new money bag which turned out to be empty but I am sure will not be for long

Next it was award time with the 10 Hares award going to WANK-KING’S WANKER.

The Bunglers performed the song "Wild Rover" by The Dubliners for the circle next.

NO MORE CUM takes the circle back to ice SUGAR DADDY for lost property and the ¼ POUNDER WITH CHEESE makes a short speak about the Jameson’s bar. Then LIBERACE, G.I.JOE and SIR WANDA are welcomed back.

The Filipino girls POCKET SOCKET, MANGO MUNCHER and Mary Selle were iced for some sort of food related topic and STUPID KRAUT KUNT and SUZY WONG are placed in the bucket to cool off as they seemed to be getting a bit frisky on the edge of the circle.

MENTAL DISORDER takes to the circle to give TAMPAX a beer for completing 400 runs, well done TAMPAX.

SIR WANDA and SCAR W\2T’S are placed on ice for a tale about when SCAR stayed at SIR WANDA’s house in England, as is customary in the UK when putting a friend up for the night SCAR was shown his bed for the night, where the bathroom was and where the host’s room was. But half way through the night SIR WANDA was awoken by SCAR snuggling up to him in his bed. I guess it is a Norwegian way of showing your appreciation to the host OR is it just a SCAR thing? SIR WANDA, next time get a lock fitted or barricade yourself in.

VV and TWO TIME are iced for tales of rough sex which VV came out worst. ROBBING BASTARD was ice for not getting lost this week.

SCAR W\2T’S takes the circle to ice Kent the virgin for no Hash shirt and Mary Rene who was with STREET CLEANER for having a Monkey shirt.

FINGERLESS was iced for growing a beard whilst in the Philippines but the circle agreed that it was a vast improvement and he should keep it.

The Hare’s song was performed by STEPTOE about the Irish Brick layer having an accident, I’ve heard it many times before but  it always makes me laugh, thanks STEPTOE.

The Hash Hymn was sung and off back to Pattaya for some more beer at Jameson’s.

On-On!  Absolutely No Fucking Idea

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