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Back to Pattaya after a few months... Meeting outside the Buffalo Bar we boarded the somtoaus to head out to the A-Site and a very nice one I thought.

The hares explained what to expect on the trail after blessing the new shoes and welcoming the 2 virgins and off we went up on a very hilly start. Some rocky sections, great trails & shade but it was very overcast. Just over 5 kms for the short run and 9 kms for the long.. I did the short with the other 70% of the runners. There was a bus full of lazy Beer Hunters come past as I got in. A nice trail I thought!

Some nice food & gin & tonics were on offer thanks to the hares. I was tapped on the shoulder by SIR FREE WILLY to be the Scribe. No worries I replied. Our acting GM calls on the circle NO MORE CUM being absent due to a swollen leg caused by a motorcycle accident or maybe coz Germany lost the football....

The Hares were on ice with everyone yelling how excellent the trail was.

Next the Raffle hosted by SIR FREE WILLY with many nice prizes ..

Next is EMPEROR AIRHEAD to deal with the Hares as ROBBING BASTARD doing a great job teaching his co-hare to set the run. A very friendly hash hound was in the circle enjoying our company. The only thing wrong was the piss-poor HHH signs he reckoned.

Next on ice were the PNG hashers for not fitting in with us - like throwing spears at each other and shooting arrows. Then a virgin ice sitter is called in to be named which WANKER BANKER amongst other possible names which won the cheers. He is known to rob innocent widows back in the U.K.

Next in were K.A.M., TAMPAX, BALL RINGER & Aussie guys who did a great job raising a generous sum of 250,000 baht on the last Aussie Run....

V.V, is called up for a down down for haring his amazing 140 runs which he was awarded a flash jungle bum bag. TAMPAX was also noted with his 400th run.

SCAR takes over to icebucket the Crazy German for loosing his pink wrist band. Next the hares in to sing their song with the tune of "The Mighty Quinn" aided by the guitar man TAMPAX.

On-On!  Arse-Holeo

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