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The sun is out and the birds are singing,what a great day for a hash. We headed to Buffalo Bar and jumped on the baht buses and headed to the A-Site. On the baht bus the main conversation was "where is ET?". After two weeks of ET reportedly dying we are still no closer to knowing if he is dead or alive. Hashes from around the world are still searching for ET, ET come home.

A crippled NO MORE CUM called the circle and introduced the hares, luckily VV explained the run and not STREET CLEANER as none of us speak French. I did the walk which I enjoyed and it was well papered and an enjoyable 4 km walk. I spoke to some of the runners and they said the run was challenging, well papered, and tactically laid. I was invited over to a banquet to celebrate BURL IVES birthday. There was lots of food and many of his friends there. Myself being on a diet and looking after my great figure only had 20 spring rolls, 10 drum sticks and 3 bowls of fried rice. Great food and thank you to all the ladies for doing the cooking.

NO MORE CUM called the second circle and hobbled in to the circle to ice the hares

SIR FREE WILLY glided into the circle to commence the Raffle, lots of great prizes and the winners were very happy, smiles all round.

EMPEROR AIRHEAD iced NO MORE CUM and CUM YAK YAK and asked for DNA proof that NO MORE CUM was the father of this beautiful Harriette. Still waiting on the results, she did explain that in her younger days he was a mean, evil, tyrant but now in his later years he's a big cuddle marshmallow.

RATSO-EEL-SNIFFER was iced by EMPEROR AIRHEAD, where there EMPEROR AIRHEAD explained that years ago RATSO-EEL-SNIFFER loved skinny dipping at the South Pole, that explains why RATSO is like he is today.

AWARDS: SQUEEZE MY TUBE 400 runs, HONEY BEAR 150 runs, and RATSO-EEL-SNIFFER 150 runs.

MENTAL DISORDER took the circle and iced all the Hashers that went to 5th Cambodian Nash Hash in Sihanoukville and gave them each a can of Black Panther beer, a local delicacy.

MISS USE ME was then iced and MD explained how on the way back from Cambodia MISS USE ME was detained and searched on suspicion of being an international Vietnamese drug dealer. GANGREEN being expert in this field denied all knowledge and claimed the 5th Amendment. MISS USE ME should never of been detained as she does not look Vietnamese and we all know that Thai Harriettes look a lot more beautifuler than Vietnam Harriettes.

The Bunglers then took center stage and sang the Hare Song with a special guest appearance of LADY SNAKE doing the vocals.

SCAR W/2T'S iced SUPERVIRGIN and announced to the world he is not a bachelor anymore but married. (Congratulations!) I noticed a lot of the Harriettes were upset after hearing this announcement after losing another eligible bachelor. SCAR W/2T'S then iced GAS MAN for being stupid, negligent, very drunk, as to not check his hotel room for being cleaned before taking his girlfriend to the room. She found lots of evidence of wild parties and orgies in that room the night before. GAS MAN was heart broken as she stormed out of the room after finding evidence he is a SEX tourist.

MENTAL DISORDER then called in BURL IVES to congratulate him on his birthday, where then The Bunglers sang  Hashy Birthday.

The circle was then closed, the Hash Hymn sung and we all headed to the ON ON BAR for more drinking.

On-On!  Mental Disorder

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