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I was supposed to write the scribe report for last week’s sausagefest VV’s BBQ, but due to bureaucratic interference, have ended up with a sausagefest of a different kind. SCAR W\2T'S and BELL STAR were the Hares for today’s run.

First, let me bitch about the location: I love it! I love the A-Site and I especially love the running area, but fuck me, what a pain in the arse to get there! The Hares discovered this for themselves, much to their cost. Second class citizens, those who ride motorbikes, aren’t allowed on the freeway any more. Okay, we never were, but now that they have started to enforce it with hefty fines, we have to find another way around. Wait until the tollway starts operating.

Never mind, it gave me the opportunity to stop off for a couple of beers along the way. Since the bar was well-staffed with visually (and possibly mentally) impaired ladies who thought I was handsome, I also stopped in again on the way home.

So, I arrived at the A-Site, and what’s the first thing I see? SPAGHETTI HEAD picking up sticks off the road. This is fine and I often see him doing this, but not 100m from the A-Site on the edge of a main road. Where the fuck was his minder?

Sign ups, waiting for the baht buses to arrive, laughing at the poncy FRBs stretching and warming up – the usual preamble to any Hash run and then MENTAL DISORDER calls for a circle. Welcome to the visitors and virgins. Were there any? I can’t remember. Drinks for any bugger silly enough to show up with new shoes, and then a request for any announcements.

“Yeah. You’re ugly.” Hardly a revelation, but the stand-in GM threatens a turn in the bucket later, until he realises that the offender won’t be there later and ices him immediately.

Hares come in to tell us about the run. “Not too short, and not too long”, hanging paper, checks etc in red, starts down there to the right.

GI JOE takes off at the front of the pack, and we let him have his moment of glory until we get to the first check. After that he’s on his own. And by the way, where did he get to? He still wasn’t back when I left.

Excellent run for a Monday, not too short and not too long, just as promised. Very tricky checks and a good variety of terrain. I enjoyed it very much, so thanks to the Hares.

But never mind all that. You want to hear what happened in the circle. Well tough shit! I wasn’t there, I left early. As I always do.

And BALL RINGER? When you heard that I was writing the Scribe report, you asked me to “please make it funny”. Well tough shit!

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