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The PH3 celebrates Saint George's Day every year, lead by our  illustrious  FREE WILLY, May he live forever (what an A-Site - flags, bunting, Vera Lynn singing). God forbid when he departs to the the big  Hash in the sky and leaves this special day to be celebrated by Yanks and Aussies.

BUT there is BALL RINGER (the man with the golden cock). Will he replace FREE WILLY and organise this special day for us?

The Day was marred (I could use stronger words), the tabloids in England wrote: "Bristol City Council announced that it would NOT be hosting any special events on this day for fear of upsetting their multicultural, multi-faith communities." Could they be talking about all the Yanks and Aussies who live there ??

The Run?? F----ing GREAT !! FTs and back-checks totally F---ed up the FRB's. They where all over the place. For a long while near the end of the run it looked like PELER and (sorry no name) Norwegian would walk in first. But they walked in a comfortable 3rd and 4th. in front of all the FRB's who where now totally knackered.

MUDCRACKER you cocked up yesterday, you should have run today instead of yesterday. The run, hared by Myself and STOOL MOVER wasn't a patch on this one hared by DEL BOY.

RAFFLE - Great prizes, winners SUGAR DADDY, DEL BOYTADPOLEBELL END, TWO TIME, VLAD THE IMPALER (who?). Our GM soon sorted this out poured water all over him and returned him to his baptized name of BOB-A-GOB.

HASH CRASH - Goes to CUM YAK YAK. who after about 4 year break from Thailand and PH3, was not quite sure which foot to put in front of the other, so ended up on her arse.

Alan ??? - How the hell after about 10 runs with us and over a 10 year period has no hash name? Get your thinking caps on lads for next week.

HASH SONG - TOTAL BLOODY DISASTER, that about sums it up but at least as the hares were not afraid to make fools of themselves, it got the circle rocking even if it was with good-natured abuse at their efforts.

AWARDS - Read the hash sheet later.

That's enough from  me.

On-On!  Ball Ringer

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