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PH3 Run 1678 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by Who Cut the Cheese

Fantastic and very scenic location today with base camp by the lake and the famous Buddha of the rock overlooking the Hashers this week. A flat start to the run this week but knowing DEL BOY that was not going to last too long. Sure enough the trail soon headed off into the bush and we were negotiation a bog / river of sorts.

After giving up with building a wooden bridge over it (with the help of the ladies) we heading off to find a way round. Going round in circles again so unfortunately we succumbed to the GPS to get out of our mess again. Even though we personally didn’t complete the trail this week we still managed a good 5-6 km and given the views on route it was well worth the effort.

The runners did well with their times and duly decided to cool off in the lake with a beer upon arrival such was the great location. (Either that or they were too bone-idle to find a tree!!)

THE CIRCLE: Hares called on the ice – Although a lot of runners were missing this week, it was agreed that a great job was done and gratitude was acknowledged.

LIBERACE: Norwegian Run in a couple of weeks. Should be a good one with T-shirts, salmon and other Norwegian delicacies available.

SIR FREE WILLY: The Raffle. Personally won a tray with the world map on it. We later donated it for the kids in the TQ bar but not before pointing out to STUPID KRAUT K**T that the flag of Italy had been placed over Germany. This had the desired effect by really pissing him off!

On the ice next, a German, Belgian, Scotsman, Brit and a Frenchman. A hilarious joke followed about what you get when you put this mixture together on a cruise ship. Unfortunately I can’t inform you of the punchline as my girlfriend was ‘yakking’ in my ear about how she thought she might have left the hairdryer on in the room and maybe have set the hotel on fire!

LINEAR ACCELERATOR: It seems has an issue with the lady on his vehicle sat nav? By all accounts he believes every word she says, hence he has to set off the day before the Hash to arrive on time. Only last week we appeared out the bush with a nasty wound to the head.  He was seen this time clutching his mobile while this time taking directions from his iPhone.

3 Virgins iced.

MENTAL DISORDER: VV next on the ice, followed by SIR REALLY SADISTIC BASTARD. Next up WANK-KING'S WANKER. It was acknowledged that he seems to have a problem with misplacement! Recently by all accounts he has lost his phone, his glasses, his hat and no doubt shortly his marbles.

DEL BOY: 10 Hares achieved and congratulations. (Unfortunately 20 Hashers lost on his previous trails)

SHIT ON MY HEAD: Advised not to be a Cheap Charlie when it comes to letting his girlfriend use the air-con. He was advised that this will now be monitored and if he does not change his ways there will be consequences.

The ‘Scribe’ for this week was summoned on the ice gets named after many years running the Pattaya Hash and others. Appropriate names were considered including ‘EXPLODING GAS ARSE’ but I think he got slightly let off the hook with ‘WHO CUT THE CHEESE’.

Finally a deserved salute to the girls on the ice followed by the usual sing song.

First scribe from me so I hope it was slightly entertaining and wasted a few minutes of your day? If it didn’t then I still wasted a few minutes of your day and that itself makes up for it from my perspective.

On-On!  Who Cut the Cheese

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