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PH3 Run 1679 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by My Girlfriend Knows I'm Gay

“And Monday is a hashing day”. Oh yes it is: at 15:30, 2 baht busses leave from the Buffalo Bar. As usual, I wonder where it will be this time . . .

We arrive at a beautiful A-Site at the Asian University.  Happy to see 3 Flemish friends and the Walloon VV, which make 5 Belgian bastards. If I mention that IM LAO brought in 3 Virgins with a Belgian connection and TADPOLE has also a Belgian past, you could say, we were well represented.

Before the run starts, the GM mentions: no beer before the first runners come in! The hares MENTAL DISORDER, GOLDEN RIVET and LOST CAUSE explain the run with checks and backchecks. I didn’t get lost this time and came in after 55 minutes as last one. I heard something about 6,3 and 7,2 and 8,4 km, depending on how many backchecks , , ,

After the run, the cracks are eating in their own restaurant. Other small groups: eating Norvegians, drinking Scottish and deeply listening Americans entertained by the EMPEROR (preparation for the circle later ?).

The Beer Police were LONE WOLF and his mate SCARLET PIMPERNEL.

The GM MENTAL DISORDER opens the debate and ices the Hares: himself(!) and the two others. Therefore, GI JOE takes it over. Some conclusions: smoky run, hot and dirty, vague trail, clean run, too short, great run... And after all, everybody was satisfied, I think.

The Raffle is a WILLLY’s Job.  Prizes: Sparkling Champagne for VV, Maldino Bianci for CASPAR, lager beer, coke, homemade cookies, a t-shirt and towels for the other winners (PRINCESS BUM BOY, NECROPHILIA NIGHT RIDER, MINELESS CUNT, LOST CAUSE and RUBBER DICK). Thank you SIR FREE WILLY.

And then it’s getting serious: RA AIRHEAD enters the circle to ice the 3 Hares. Very nice area, but if the backchecks were no longer than 300 m? No agreement about this issue.  Further: RATSO-EEL-SNIFFER had his birthday yesterday. Got phone from Hillary. Party with lovely cake, delivered in a garbage bag. And then the three Virgins with sponsor IM LAO: one without hash t-shirt. Her answer: “They didn’t have the right size for me”. Good answer, if you ask me.

Circle back to the GM: HAWKEYE on the ice. She needs a big fish. Who doesn’t ?

WANK-KING'S WANKER enters the circle to “do the Numbers”: celebrations for MENTAL and his 30 Hares, PRINCESS BUM BOY  with 50 Runs and 50 Run Mugs for DEL BOY and GOLDEN RIVET. SHIT ON MY SHIRT on the ice, but punished for no reason. Breaking protocol from Bertie: beer on the ground.

After the GM had put all the British and Americans (Hillary kissers) on the ice, it was time for an early Hare's Song with TAMPAX and LINEAR ACCELERATOR on the guitar for a Romantic Song. TADPOLE started to dance.  Being too late, she did her own run in the circle.  Fantastic work from the guitar men.

Belgians on the ice for maybe a run in November. MGKG took the bucket.  Remember now how cold that is. No shower needed for one week. The 3 Virgins, IM LAO and TADPOLE all have a Belgian connection. Now they got the choice to choose between an American, an Aussie, a Kiwi, an English and another alien. The Dating Show was a big success and delivered 5 new romances.

A next romantic story was the one with FREE WILLY and LADY FLIPPER on the ice. It was a story about the cake and the candles and waiting already 30 years before one’s candle is blown out … (euhum).

Later there were the last down-downs for the returners, followed by the Hash Hymn.

Before I end, I wish to thank all the people who keep the Hash alive. You are giving me, once again, a great holiday in Disneyland. Hope to see you all again next week, on the Norwegian Run, which is always great.

On-On!  My Girlfriend Knows I'm Gay

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