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PH3 Run 1680 Scribe

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Norwegians. Sorry I got back late from run and didn't manage to get the names.

First Circle:

Two Virgins were introduced to the Hash, again didn't get names because I was late getting back from the run.

The Hares announced the run was 5 km and reasonably flat - the flattish bit turned out to be true. The GM reminded all present that no beer was to be drunk until first runners or 1¼ hours had elapsed.

Away we went, the pack held together well for the majority of the run, can't really explain how I got lost with 8 others but there you go. I found an FT which confused the hell out of me and my fellow losers. But with determination and the aid of GPS we found home.

Straight into the circle, no prep time so forgive a virgin scribe.

Second circle:

Kicks off 1830 hrs. Hares on ice and thanked for great food and the free T-Shirts. Beer Police. Light on this week but SCARLET PIMPERNEL looked after both sides of the beer truck.

FREE WILLY takes the circle and conducts his famous Raffle with 8 excellent prizes.

GM hands the circle over to EMPEROR AIRHEAD. The EMPEROR started by encouraging more participation in the singing of Hash Songs.

Hares on ice before the EMPEROR congratulated them on The Norwegian Run for the past 12 years. SIR DOG was presented a special excellence award for the runs.

Two Virgins called into circle and duly welcomed by the EMPEROR. ODD-JOB and LIBERACE on ice because who knows.

GM takes the circle and calls on the Hares to sing us a song. LIBERACE gives a short brief on the chorus and the song began and I believe went over very well. GM thanked the Norwegians for job well done with the song.

WANK-KING'S WANKER takes the circle to deliver some awards.   It was announced that 86 runners where present today. SEAL SUCKER after being a member for 14 years was congratulated on his 200th Run. SHIT ON MY SHIRT and PRINCESS BUM BOY awarded their 50 Run Mugs.

GM hands over to the Norwegians and ends up on ice with the Horns Hat. GM calls on LIBERACE and PISSED POLE DANCER to explain the food, ie, Salmon and Scrambled Eggs.

Lost Property - Sun Glasses:

Found WANK-KING'S WANKER on ice for habitually losing his and FIELD OF DREAMS for actually losing them. The 8 hashers lost in the jungle were iced including the poor scribe. Poor me!

Next week's GM will be GANGREEN and MENTAL will be away in Bali.

The run is the Bob Marley Run and BBQ.

On On Bar:

Nicky's once again provided a great feed of Sweet and Sour thanks for that.

And finally the PH3 with our GM in England – NO MORE CUM - HAPPY ST TOTTERINGHAM'S DAY.

On-On!  Mr Potato Head

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