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So we arrive at the A-Site, good location, very barren and not much vegetation. This usually proves to be good for later as less likely to be insect infested, unlike last week when nearly eaten alive.

So first circle formed by stand-in GM GANGREEN, no new shoes but four Virgins. Then, on-in the Hares to explain the run, and then off we go.

Very pleasant start to the run with some good checks and varied scenery. But then we start to climb and climb and climb. This seemed it was never going to end but eventually we began our decline. By this time the pack was very well strung out. A couple more km and we were safely back at A-Site. All-in-all a good run and quite tough for a Monday Run. Well done hares!

Usual social drinking, VV hot dogs, and the added bonus of some Bob Marley tunes in the background.

GM calls circle and instantly stamps his authority by icing EMPEROR AIRHEAD, purely on the basis it isn't done very often. Then he ices yours truly for my connection to the Bob Marley theme.

Raffle time and SIR FREE WILLY performs the duty with TADPOLE, ANFI, WANK-KING'S WANKER, and some unnamed crack and an English Virgin the forthcoming winners. Then a musical interlude of "Sunshine Reggae" by 'The Bunglers'.

GANGREEN back in and ices the Virgins and FREE WILLY serenades them with one of his prison songs. Then it's over to EMPEROR AIRHEAD who gives us a brief insight into the life of Bob Marley and explains the connection of his death and the habit of our stand-in GM GANGREEN. He then ices TADPOLE and thanks her for communicating with the land owners. This is well deserved as we have had problems in the past.

Then on ice ANFI, NIGHTRIDER and LINEAR ACCELERATOR who have all now chosen the path of the single man due to various costly errors. This is good news for EMPEROR AIRHEAD as they now frequent the TQ more often.

Virgins then on-in, three Belgians and one Englishman, none of whom can speak English ??????  But eventually the EMPEROR gets a tune out of them and they all say they had a good time and will return which is always good news.

Circle then over to GI JOE who ices all the Belgians, then ices SPERM POLLUTER and friends for talking.

Than it's awards time with WANK-KING'S WANKER (see awards section). GM GANGREEN ices Beer Police, then hands over the circle to myself, who by this time has had my share of beers. Still it wouldn't be a Hash without a couple of lame jokes (you can ask SIR SPAGHETTI HEAD that). So I ice the Beer Hunters SIR REALLY SADISTIC BASTARD, 1/4 POUNDER WITH CHEESE, HELIX and  WANK-KING'S WANKER.

Then back to GM GANGREEN who does a couple of more icings, MR POTATO HEAD and then MY GIRLFRIEND KNOWS IM GAY. Then as some of the circle is getting restless calls for the Hash Hymn to conclude the events.

And then it's back to the safety of the TQ for chicken and meatballs , plenty for all. Many Thanks. And so another Hash concludes.

High point: Excellent job by stand in GM GANGREEN. Well Done. Low point: Sadly the concluding Hash Hymn does not seem to have the respect it used to. But I guess times are changing.

Until next time,

On-On!  Knob Marley

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