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PH3 Run 1685 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by Seal Sucker

We arrive at a popular A-Site for the special Brexit Run hared by SIR FREE WILLY and his long suffering wife LADY FLIPPER. By the time you get to read this the problem will be solved or plenty more problems will be made, who cares because today we are all here to run around the lake and drink plenty of cold beers.

Just a quick update on the Rugby Union played in the week-end. The Aussies got another ass-kicking from the Poms and have lost their second place ranking in the world to England. The back-to-back World Champion All Blacks beat Wales to obviously retain their title as the best team in this Universe.

GM MENTAL DISORDER calls in the Virgins to get the show on the on the go. He's doing a great job considering he's heavily pregnant with a joey in his pouch and mentioned that he's going back to Aussie to give birth soon. It's name he said will be SKIPPY DISORDER.

SFW explains the run and we all exit the A-site into the surrounding fields of tapioca. There's only about three checks in the whole 7.5-8 km trail so it ends up to be a bit of a drag race around the mountain and back across the lake. The Beer Hunters were pleased to see the lanky legs of RUNNING BARE arrive in to the A-Site and quickly proceeded to empty the beer bins.

Hopefully, there will be some photos. PUSSY FUCKER, the Hash Flash had a crash and we were thinking of renaming him PHOTO FUCKER, the git.

SFW holds the Raffle. And as EMPEROR AIRHEAD mentions later, the Raffle helps to keep the cost of sign up fees down down down. Numerous happy Hashers win some great prizes

EMPEROR AIRHEAD is very happy to ice the Virgins as they are a nice assortment of cracks and photos and phone numbers are exchanged.

GM MENTAL proceeds to ice birthday boy SHIT ON MY SHIRT and then LOST CAUSE for not getting lost.

WANK-KING'S WANKER does awards. BB gets a new 100th Run Shirt to replace the one he lost. SPAG HEAD presents MENSTRUAL DISORDER with her 30th Hare Shirt after dropping it in the mud. MRS HEAD receives her 700th Run Cap.

Visiting Hasher NO NO I'M NOT YOUR BITCH takes circle and quotes, "We don't want women with degrees, We don't want women on their knees.".

SFW sings the Hare Song, something about him being the thrashing boy in prison.

Last down downs downed.

On-On!  Seal Sucker

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