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Well its Monday again. I knew I was the Scribe already today, so why did I have to get shitfaced yesterday?

Anyway, three baht buses left the Buffalo Bar for the A-Site. It was about as far as the moon.and we got lost!

Shall I run or go beer hunting? You all know the answer to that one.I don't know what the run was like, but we found a nice wee spot by a waterfall for some Chang.

Got back just in time for the circle. Virgins Casey Mahaney, Kerry McGehee, Jenny Kuljaanuch and my girlfriend, Somvien. A note for them and their sponsors. New shoes dealt with.

It's dark now because the late start so Hares GI JOE, WANK-KING'S WANKER, EMPEROR AIRHEAD and SIR SPAG HEAD in. SPAG in bucket for being late in. AIRHEAD asked for a verdict of the run. marvelous, awesome and smashing were some of the replies. it was asked what would Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton think of the run.

POCKET SOCKET, CASPAR and MENSTRUAL DISORDER thanked for their cooking.

Raffle time with SIR FREE WILLY. BALL RINGER iced for not wearing a shirt, but wins a big teddy bear for the absent BEN 10. GI JOE and WANK-KING'S WANKER on ice again.

EMPEROR AIRHEAD gives us an history lesson on Independence Day. Next ANAL BREADFRUIT and myself iced just because of where we come from.

Then most of the Brits, including myself iced because of Brexit. Well all agreed it was the right thing to do.

1/4 POUNDER WITH CHEESE, Virgins and THE WIZARD iced for yakking.

Awards time. NIGHT RIDER - 150 Runs and CABBAGE PATCH - 50 Runs. SPERM POLLUTER and 1/4 POUNDER in the bucket for yakking again. Some lame excuse given by 1/4 POUNDER about getting a beer. AIRHEAD - 30 Hared Runs.

MENTAL DISORDER iced REAR GUNNER. SPERM POLLUTER and myself for urinating in public. Then I was charged with a rule 6 violation. PUSSY FUCKER, who is meant to be a mate, explained the night before's events. A story that a motocy taxi driver tried to molest me! TIT!

SUZI WONG iced for taking kittens against HULK's orders. "When Your Girlfriend Tastes Like Shit" is sang.

HULK takes the circle and ices VV, MENTAL DISORDER and SIR FREE WILLY. Something about missing beer. THE WIZARD, TADPOLE, Casey and SPERM POLLUTER iced for no hash shirts. They should know better.

GI JOE on ice. He got married to SQUEEZE MY TUBE on Thursday. Harriettes all give JOE a kiss. Congrats to them both. GANGREEN gives them a song.

WANK-KING'S WANKER, GI JOE and SPAG take the circle to sing the red white and blue. I thought that was a British song!

Last of the down downs sank, Hash Hymn butchered  and back to Nicky's Bar. Great Day! See ya all next Monday.

On-On!  Wee Moaning Weasel

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