Pattaya H3

PH3 Run 1692 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by Mr Potato Head

First Circle called 1620 hours – No visitors and No new shoes. Please note the change of venue for next weeks run new site on web site. Hares where called to brief the pack and on on was called.

SQUEAK using his own camera is hash flash for the week. 1630 hours the pack is away to a little confusion at first but once trail was found on to a good if not little too long run.

First runner back were - HOME BREW, SEAL SUCKER and First Lady TADPOLE.

Second Circle called 1845 hours. GM welcomes all to Run 1692 and hands over to GI JOE who immediately puts the Hares on ice and thanks them for their efforts with a DD.

SIR FREE WILLY takes over the circle to conduct his ever popular Raffle six prizes on offer. Raffle drawn and DD for the winners.

GM calls on EMPEROR AIRHEAD to judge the run. Hares on ice. DEL BOY was welcomed back and MENTAL DISORDER immediately blames him for long run.  After getting feedback from the circle the run was overall good effort. Thanks to the hares DD.

EMPEROR AIRHEAD calls MR POTATO HEAD to have a seat and GAS MAN. Would seem MR P had his wallet, stolen by lady boys whilst in a Baht Bus on Second Road and GAS MAN just because. DD for both.

SIR FREE WILLY the rumor spreader, raffle guru, rag and all around organizer, and great committee member thanked for his efforts. DD. Renamed NEW WILLY for the night.

GM calls SIR REALLY SADISTIC BASTARD to have a seat for the Beer Hunters, and was presented with an official ,flag for the hunters. DD

GI JOE, TADPOLE, HOME BREW, SEAL SUCKER and CRAPPER on ice for loosing the pack for the second day in a row – CRAPPER was heard protesting but on deaf ears. DD song by GAS MAN.

WANK-KING'S WANKER takes circle and presents DEL BOY with a 10 Hares Cap. Well done DEL BOY.  DD

GM returns and calls NIGHT RIDER, CRAPPER and DEL BOY to have a seat.   Seems NIGHT RIDER and DEL BOY have been giving CRAPPER advice for next week's run. DD

MENSTRUAL DISORDER received a bit of teasing about a pole event some 2 years ago. DD.  EMPEROR AIRHEAD and WANK-KING'S WANKER on ice for witnessing the spectacle.

Next week is BIGGUS DICKUS' birthday so friends were called to give gift suggestions DD for all.

GANGREEN and GENERAL  KIDNEY WIPER on ice as saints for looking after the circle during the GM absence. DD.

Hares are called on for a song – BURL IVES stands in and gives an interesting rendition of the Lobster Song (Hey mister fisherman have you a lobster for me etc)

GAS MAN called as Leaver and whoever looked guilty for any reason called to finish DD cups.

KIDNEY WIPER leads the pack in the Hash Hymn.

On-On!  Mr Potato Head

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