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Scribe Report by Suzy Wong (as told to HULK)

After a one week break (you know, sometimes one has to move out of all that hustle and bustle) it was nice to return to the PH3, especially to the lovely A-Site at the Map Fak Thong 1 lake.

Just arrived, sitting there and watching the scene, SIR FREE WILLY approached me and tried to lure me into being the scribe (apparently somebody didn’t show up). After talking to my personal assistant SUZY WONG I agreed. So here we are…

The run led us through a nice countryside. We experienced a little rain on the way, but what else would you expect during rainy season?

The Hares explained very well about the run, especially about the split between the runners and the walkers. And it was easily to spot. So we were wondering about running into CRAPPER at the split! He pointed a direction for the walkers, but he himself ran into another direction. We’ve decided to follow him, only to learn that he was NOT going straight back to the A-Site. Instead, he was going to run into a big swamp. So we (including him) turned around and tried the other way (where he was pointing to in the beginning). Oh my Buddha, fortunately we didn’t go there initially: no paper on the walkers trail, but several crossings before we arrived at the A-Site. That could have gone seriously wrong…

Happily back at the A-Site, LOST CAUSE and MISS USE ME offered us some really tasty food. Thanks for that, ladies!

The circle was called by GI JOE, only to ice the Hares. Overall it was a pretty good run, all hashers where happy about it.

Our beloved GM MENTAL DISORDER took over the circle. Immediately he puts CRAPPER, BURL IVES, GOLDEN RIVET, EMPEROR AIRHEAD, NIGHT RIDER, RUBBER DICK and THE WIZARD on the ice. All those music lovers (including the GM) had been at a concert of the New Nordic Music Week on Saturday (We had been there, too. But that small and skinny guy I am, I’m easy to overlook).  He thanked LIBERACE for organizing that and the fantastic night.

SIR FREE WILLY took the circle for the Raffle. Winners were EMPEROR AIRHEAD (happy to get a gift for his father), BARNACLE BOLLOX, BALL RINGER SQUEEZE MY TUBE, TELLY TUBBY, LIBERACE and TADPOLE.

MENTAL DISORDER took back the circle, only to ice BALL RINGER and SQUEEZE MY TUBE. Both had won alcoholic prizes in the Raffle. So it was questionable, who (the winner or his/her partner) will drink the alcohol to make the partner look good later on.

EMPEROR AIRHEAD took the circle and initially iced the Hares. He pointed out, how beautiful POCKET SOCKET and MENSTRUAL DISORDER looked at the concert night. While investigating and interrogating the hares it turned out, that they run out of paper - which at least explains why there was no paper on the walkers trail.
Next on the ice was NIGHT RIDER. When coming back from the run, he was completely wet and shaked himself like a dog.

LINEAR ACCELERATOR was called on the ice. Once upon a time, he was a smart guy. Then he joined the PH3… A story evolved about a night in the T.Q., a lost (and found!) wallet, a drunken friend and cancelled credit cards. BIGGUS DICKUS was iced because it was his 69th birthday. HAWKEYE handed over a crown and a little cake. It was noted, that his body is still in a good shape.

After MENTAL DISORDER took back the circle, he iced ARSE-HOLEO and Earm Saytan for new shoes. All the Belgians (UNSTABLE LOAD, SQUEAK, ARSE VAN HOLE) were put on the ice. Apparently they like each other, but they don’t trust each other on the run. So they followed LONE WOLF instead. It turned out that NO SHOW and Anna Capri are in love.

The birthday boy BIGGUS DICKUS was put on the ice again and all harriettes gave him a big hug.

At this point my personal assistant SUZY WONG stated in the notes, that LONE WOLF is the best photographer of the PH3 this evening. Unless it is the truth, I have absolutely no idea why this is mentioned here.

All the Kiwi’s were called on the ice, namely SAUCE FOR THE GOOSE, BANANAS and SEAL SUCKER. SAUCE FOR THE GOOSE got rid of her boyfriend recently, when he started asking her to pay his bills.

MENTAL DISORDER explained about a Hare he once did with BARNACLE BOLLOX. A farmer wanted to shoot them, because BARNACLE BOLLOX has nailed a HHH sign on one of the farmer’s gum trees. It turned out that BARNACLE BOLLOX is the longest hasher alive in the PH3: his first run was run no. 7!

REAR GUNNER was iced for asking about HONEY BEAR. SAUCE FOR THE GOOSE joined him and they kissed each other.

The Hare’s Song was performed by BURL IVES while the Hares spent more time on the ice.

BIGGUS DICKUS had the honor to lead all hashers into the Hash Hymn.

On-On!  Suzy Wong

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