Pattaya H3

PH3 Run 1696 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by G.I. Joe

This is not a typical Monday run. We are about 30 k from the pickup point. The A-Site is at MRS. HEAD's house SIR SPAGHETTI HEAD also lives there. He is allowed to stay as long as he takes care of the landscaping. He seems to be doing a fine job. The lawn is manicured but I did see one leaf in the middle. I was getting ready to say something when SIR SPAG bent down and picked it up.

There’s a nice crowd of hashers this week. We are back to three baht buses. It seems there are many new faces.

Since GENERAL KIDNEY WIPER is the hare along with SIR SPAG he appoints GANGREEN as GM for the day. The GM calls to form a circle. After the Virgins and new shoes are taken care of the Hares tell us about the run. Soon off we go!

I thought it was very well planned and it really messed up the front runners. Just when you think you’re getting ahead you come to an FT or a Back check. This helped keep everyone together. About three quarters of the run many of us went the wrong direction. I was smart enough to go back to the check. Not RUNNING BARE, MARATHON MAN, SPERM POLLUTER and a few others. But in the end the most important thing is everyone made it back safe.

Back at the A-Site the Thai girls have taken over the lawn and the gazebo. They have mats out and food everywhere.  Of course the Thai girls are never far away from food.

It was good to see the Beer Hunters back early. They only had to go a couple hundred meters to a bar. The funny part is that it was closed. So they were happy when the first runner came back.

We have a rest period before the circle starts. That’s when you get around a bunch of friends and tell lies. You also don’t realize how many beers you are drinking. I saw LINEAR ACCELERATOR and he asked if I was the scribe. I told him yes and he gave me a quote for the run. “Good dog, bad dog”.

The Hares were a little worried about ROBBING BASTARD. He’s had two hip replacements and a knee replacement. Now his wife just follows behind him with an oil can to take the squeak out of his joints. He made it back and before dark.

GM starts the circle and calls FREE WILLY in to do the Raffle. Many nice prices but I didn’t get anything so I’m not putting anyone’s name down. That’s not mean I just couldn’t keep up.

Next the hares are on the ice and the GM asks around the circle and as I figured it was voiced as a good run. Next to be iced is RAT VON KIEL something about winning ladies panties in the Raffle. There were two visitors iced after that Will Davis and Mark Wooley.

The GM ices the virgins and starts to sing the "99 Bottles Of Beer On The Wall" song. Today we had a few different Down Down songs. SIR REALLY SADISTIC is a master at that. SRSB takes the circle and state he hates short people. He ice SIR SPAG and GKW for being short. Again the GM ices TURD BURGLAR for going to the Castle, a fetish club.

G.I. JOE takes the circle and ices SPERM POLLUTER and CASPAR. The couple just got engaged the day before. He ices some of the talkers also.

SPERM POLLUTER takes the circle and big surprise he ices me for no reason. He also takes care of some of the virgins and visitors without hash shirts.

GKW does a secret ballot to see if SRSB should be in the bucket for getting his car seat wet last week. SRSB ends up in the bucket but can use the new towel to sit on the way home.

I almost forgot to thank Mismanagement for the towel. It’s a very nice gift. WAMK-KING'S WANKER Tries to do awards but the person getting it left early. So he just ices a lot of hashers.

I forgot a lot of things thanks to Leo.

Hares gave us a good funny song. We ended the night with the Hash Hymn.

Thanks to everyone that helped make this happen. Hope to see you next week.

On-On!  G.I. Joe

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