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This was an auspicious occasion and we were privileged to have live hares of the infamous SEAL SUCKER. RUNNING BARE and POCAHONTAS in a great hash area for the devilish deed. For the first 4 or so kilometres it was smooth sailing except for the most skittish cattle I have seen. Probably not good that the farmer was watching but at least he had some idea where they stampeded to. The first few checks that were found were solvable. At that stage the pack must have been getting too close and the hares made it hard to slow the pack down. It had the pack stumped for ages so this little black duck short cutted home.

There was murmurings about a big clump of paper after that which had the front runners stumped. Turns out the hares ran out of red sticks with the thought of the FRB marking the trail. Nothing like a bit of confusion to liven things up and slow the pack down and it worked. Hashers came home from all directions. Please note everyone ROBBING BASTARD was not the last one in. This is cause for rejoicing.

All in all I believe the Hares did a really great job and I was personally impressed.

The circle was called at 18:29 by GENERAL KIDNEY WIPER who iced SIR REALLY SADISTIC BASTARD, SIR SPAGHETTI HEAD and WKW  for reasons. Well who needs a reason to Ice that lot.

SIR FREE WILLY must still be behind bars so no Raffle this week. May be double prizes next week or better still more expensive prizes should be the go to make up for his absence.

Hares iced and the circle was asked to comment on the run. All agreed that it was outstanding effort except for a long check and a big clump of paper.

EMPEROR AIRHEAD took the circle was generous and tried to donate a prize which was a copious quantity of alcoholic drinks at the TQ with a secret number (67). Unfortunately we all screwed up and the prize went begging,

Next he did the only reasonable thing and iced the hares. The circle again was asked about the run and again all agreed it was a great run. 2 out of 2. It don't get any better than that.

Next was an interesting tale with LINEAR ACCELERATOR and sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. It appears that he fitted a GPS with a woman’s voice and has deep feelings for her and what she says goes. Apparently she said turn here and he did. Just a pity that there was no road at that point but he found a ditch. Women do that to us guys all the time. I think that we all have been ditched at some point. Not a problem for LA. He hired someone to help and with 1000 baht and he was rewarded with 2 men and one shovel.

The GM then iced JACKAL for the the Hash Crash award. JACKAL should know don't argue with the GM as the bucket awaits and he did. He was duly awarded the Hash Crash and because of his diligence was awarded two more for good luck.

SAUCE FOR THE GOOSE was iced. Sad tale and true. Gave her credit card details to hotel in Hong Kong and next thing a Bloody big credit card bill. Lucky she has a Platinum card so should recover lost money.

The Beer Hunters were next as no transport organised and had to stay at A-Site. One wonders if they were organised and bought some liquid gold. Sad state of affairs when the beer is too far to reach.

GANGREEN iced JACKAL for loosing gear like glasses and a watch.

REAR GUNNER was next on ice. This man is dead set lucky. His Missus is saving him heaps by painting their love nest. Not sure but I think that I heard that on her birthday he is buying her a bigger paintbrush like a 3 incher. She will have it done in no time then.

It was at this time that 2 things happened together. 1) The pen ran out of ink and 2) My beer was found to be empty.

I do remember the Belgians singing this interesting song and it could have been good but no one understood a word of it plus it didn't last very long at all.

On-On!  Crapper

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