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PH3 Run 1705 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by Colonel Cornhole

Thank god its Monday again. We met up as normal at Buffalo Bar on Third Road. Easy-peasy baht bus ride and then suddenly we were near the A-Site.

For me it was a fantastic place they found. At least what i was thinking on the 20 meter walk from bus to sign-up table. Then what do we see 5 meters away from the hares planned circle? A big yellow caterpillar excavator. ( Digging-machine) One of the hares MENTAL DISORDER goes, "This wasn't here this morning!". And tries to look serious...

We all know MENTAL DISORDER been sitting more than 30 years in his caterpillar up country in New South Wales, Australia. So... Two plus two with evidence at the crimescene... They built a new perfect A-Site. Very impressive.

Circle found out RAT VON KIEL also has licence for same machine up to 100 ton. Could be VV might hire the digging team in the future.

First frontrunner on in about 45 minutes. I guess, leading his pack of Beer Hunters RSB was about 2 minutes behind. Every Monday will he smell his way to nearest waterhole of beer. Could be my purpose next Monday.

GM NO MORE CUM forms the first circle. Actually I didn't hear much cause suddenly I'm a single dad with tree daughters aged 3, 4, and 5. So listening to the circle and entertaining them at the same time is not very easy.

I heard last words was no new shoes, then they all started on out.

I love to run/walk the trail but had no chance to do it cause of my girls. Never missed SQUEEZE MY TUBE more.

I walked nervously around the A-Site with Rip, Rap and Rup half a meter away from my arse, then SFW comes to me and tells me what i have to do. This week's scribe.

Oh my, is it possible !? For sure this gonna be my hardest run ever Without any running at all.

Circle starts:

EA takes as usual the circle and ices the hares for their effort. GM NO MORE CUM ended also there,
HEIFER DUST in the bucket.

All hashers said it was a good run and great A-Site.

WANK-KING'S WANKER has the circle and mixes his cards so he gives the 150 hares to FLYING FINN, which should have 150 runs. And then gives 150 runs to VV (he got same shirt 17 years ago).

GM on in gives the bucket to HEIFER DUST, MENTAL DISORDER and MENSTRUAL DISORDER have a nice seat on iceblocks.

RA LONE WOLF is smart enough to give the GM NO MORE CUM a long sit on ice. He also calls in all the communists. MENTAL THIS and MENTAL THAT have recently been to Vietnam and North Korea.

FERRY QUEEN, BILLION SUCKER, GI JOE, THE WIZARD and SPERM POLLUTER all on ice. RAT VON KIEL in the bucket. TADPOLE and BAHT BUS GESTAPO share the bucket for talking or flirting.

Returners on ice: RAT VON KIEL, GM NMC , SEAL SUCKER, PUGSLEY, and others.

Lottery: GKW, won big red-wine, ODD-JOB picked which I thought gonna be his future wife (a baby gorilla doll). Other winners also.

Straight after lottery he gave it to the 3 youngest persons in the circle. Rip, Rap and Rup. The circle was great and I already mentioned my today's challenge.

So this was just some of what happened. To make it complete i lost some of my notes in the mud. STEPTOE was singing for the hares when they relaxed on ice.

A big thanks to the hares for making this run. As usually his songs takes more than 20 min. My last beer when he was singing I was mixing bottles with my kids, so I had the baby's milk bottle and she was drinking my Beer Chang.

Can't wait until next Monday.

On-On!  Colonel Cornhole

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