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Today's run was a special run as it was Loy Kratong or was that Loy Katoey? Some hashers on the baht bus seemed confused. Anyway, the Thai harriettes who laid the trail needed to find an A-Site with a lake so they could launch their katoeys (or Kratongs). The site they found was way out in the middle of nowhere. But it was next to a small lake.

It was also a full moon with the moon advertised as being a "super moon", the largest such moon since dinosaurs roamed the earth. In other words, that was back before SPAGHETTI HEAD was born.

Someone remarked this would be the biggest moon ever seen at the hash. That was true until SPANKY sat on the ice.

As the full moon slowly rose over the horizon ( which was a spectacular sight by the way), TESTICLES remarked the moon would get smaller as it rose higher in the sky. Me: "I'm pretty sure the diameter of the moon doesn't change as it rises in the sky"... Physics: it's not just a good idea, it's the law!

Anyway, back to the run.. Our lovely hares were TADPOLE, LOST CAUSE, TELLY TUBBY, and BELL END with assistance from the rest of the Thai ladies. I heard the real run was about 7K and the walkers trail was about 4K. Everyone seemed pretty happy with it.

I wouldn't know as I went off in a baht bus with the Beer Hunters in search of a watering hole. There were 13 of us, maybe the largest group yet.

When we got back, the first runners had already returned. CHORIZO , from Montenegro, was FRB.. For the geographically challenged, Montenegro is a small country named after its tallest mountain: Mount Negro, and is situated somewhere in Africa.

Circle was started by NO MORE CUM. Hares, of course, were recognized for their run. There really were no complaints from the runners (or the Beer Hunters) so good job hares!

EMPEROR AIRHEAD then took over and officiated over the Kratong contest and the costume contest. There were several Kratongs on display but no katoeys. Thank Buddha! Winner for the best kratong was a tie between FLIPPER and LOST CAUSE. Winner for the best dress was TADPOLE.

The lovely EWOK and the not so lovely SPANKY were recognized as returners who hadn't been seen since the last super moon. SPANKY had just returned from Alaska, so he was used to sitting on ice.

After this, the circle took a break for the kratong launching ceremony in the lake. Lots of photos were taken with the moon in the background glistening over the lake..

Afterwards, it was back to normal hash business. VV was awarded the HASH SHIT for not saving a sandwich for the GM. NO MORE CUM gave him specific instructions before the start of the run to save him a sandwich , but VV gave it the attention it deserved.

UNSTABLE LOAD kept his award from the previous week for snitching. There were two namings in the circle. Both were Belgians. One was named MAYO QUEEN, the other was named SMOKEY TRUCKY FUCKY.

LONE WOLF called some hapless soul into the bucket for not wearing a hash t-shirt.

As for run awards, PUGSLY was recognized for 50 Runs which took him nearly 20 years to achieve. SIR REALLY SADISTIC BASTARD was recognized for 700 runs of which 699 were Beer Hunter runs. LOST CAUSE was presented with her 10 Hared Cap. Well done all!

There were also 4 virgins present. Quite a good turnout for the run. A contributing factor were the many visitors who had attended Indochina Mekong Hash in Siem Reap the previous weekend.

On on bar was Jameson's.. A comment here. For on on bars that aren't near the Buffalo Bar, it doesn't make sense for all the baht buses to go to the on on bar. Make an announcement that one or more baht buses will be heading directly back to the Buffalo Bar. Lots of people did not get off at Jameson's so why force everyone to go there first?

Anyway, it was a good day out. Well done to all the Thai ladies who organized this run. I think everyone enjoyed it.

Your humble scribe

P.S. As to the veracity of this report, I can neither confirm nor deny!

On-On!  CIA

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