Pattaya H3

PH3 Run 1714 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by Mental Disorder

Arriving at the Buffalo Bar we herded all the hashers on to the baht buses and set off on another adventures hash. Arriving at the A-Site we found LIBERACE training his new apprentice POLE FUCKER. It was amazing the attention POLE FUCKER was giving, watching LIBERACE slipping those 50 and 100 baht notes in to the money box.

The circle was called and the hares explained their technical run. According to the runners it was a great run but very confusing for ULI'S GOOLIES. Who arrived back at the A-Site by motor bike taxi. While the runners were out VV was hard at work cooking one of his delicious barbecues.

The second circle was called, and NO MORE CUM iced the Hares and quizzed them on their run, In the end everyone was happy.

SIR FREE WILLY back from a two weeks holiday visiting many of his friends in the Bangkok Hilton. Started the Raffle with the winners  being GENERAL KIDNEY WIPER, GADDAFI'S BRIDE, SCAR W/2TS, EMPEROR AIRHEAD, PHONEY CUNT, MAYO QUEEN, SMOKEY TRUCKY FUCKY, WHORE IN THE WINDOW. Congratulations to all the winners.

Next to occupy the circle was EMPEROR AIRHEAD who iced MENTAL and MENSTRUAL DISORDER and presented them the PH3 award for all the hard work for the hash in 2016.

VV then showed us how the Belgians drink their beers in Belgium. In Belgium they seem to used many different ways to consume beers using tampons, condoms, straws with holes in them, yogurt spoons. Unusual ways to drink beer, in Australia we drink straight out o the bottle. Thank you VV for sharing this Belgian tradition with us.

WANK-KING'S WANKER this week had only one award, what a great achievement a 500 run hat to DUCHESS TADPOLE.

After SCAR iced BOB-A-GOB buying vibrators in Harbor Mall, for self use. And WINDOW WANKER for littering.

MENTAL DISORDER then iced CRAPPER, THE WIZARD, SCAR W/2TS and NO MORE CUM and found out, out of the four who is the best lady boy arse smacker in Pattaya. Asking PENELOPE PITSTOP to judge this competition she then dropped her pants and got each of them in turn to slap her arse. The winner by a mile was CRAPPER, congratulations CRAPPER. The other three were disappointed that they didn't win and said they will train harder for next years  competition.

The hare song was sung by the talented TAMPAX and then the circle was closed with the Hash Hymn.  Look forward to seeing everyone next Monday, until then On-On!

On-On!  Mental Disorder

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