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I got my four pages of notes, and the hangover and my morning coffee, laced with the last of my xmas brandy butter so I'm all set to get on with writing up this scribe.

I guess I have to start with the A-Site which was more or less on the corner of Phoenix Road and the 331 but set up around 400 meters from the road. Very quiet, very private and lots of space for parking the cars. There was some heavy rain just before the main group arrived but it didn't last very long.  The weather was practically perfect for running so there was a very good turnout with over 90 people showing up for sign up.

The first circle was called by our GM NO MORE CUM who in his own unique style wasted little time before the hares were in and explaining the rules of their run. Red Checks/FT's and Blue Back Checks, around 7 km distance and off we go but instead of heading for the hills, we are sent down to the tarmac road of Phoenix. Not sure why we had to do that but anyway, I did not hear any real complaints and we carried on and ran down the road 300 meters or so before going back into the undergrowth.

We then more or less plodded along close to and parallel with the 331 until we went around the back of the old Mental family A-Site near the super expensive houses. As usual TOM BOY was up at the front solving a lot of the checks. Well at least until the furthest point out when things got a little confused. I took advantage by making a sort of  VV short cut and found myself at the front of the pack.  That was until VV persuaded me to go the wrong way at the next check.  Lesson learned is always pay attention as to which direction VV goes before running off into the distance from a check.  Anyway, we continued on past a very, very nice solitary wooden house before making the return trip back in a more or less straight line to our A-Site and the cold beer.

After the usual cooling down period, our GM ordered the second circle and FREE WILLY got the weekly Raffle underway. There were around 10 raffle prize winners including EMPEROR AIRHEAD  who was very excited about winning a clock that had fruit on each of the numbers ! I'd love to know where FREE WILLY gets all this stuff ?

With the Raffle done with, EMPEROR AIRHEAD took the circle and of course brought the hares in for the post run interrogation.  As expected, everyone was happy with the run and the A-Site so well done to the hares for their hard work.  Among some of EA's victims were RATSO, SPARK HOLEO, MINELESS CUNT, ANFI and three hash virgins: Paul, Mario and a young lady called Dicky !

Next up was WANK-KING'S WANKER with the awards and anniversaries.  NO MORE CUM for achieving 200 Runs today, BILLION SUCKER who got a nice 200 Run T-shirt and VV who achieved an amazing 800 Runs today.

NO MORE CUM then called in York Spiess, Renata, TOM BOY and LADY SNAKE for various sins that included sitting in the circle and chatting too much.  He then topped off his stint with the help of the circle by naming York 'BORING PRICK'.

MENTAL DISORDER was next and he put four people on the ice: GENERAL KIDNEY WIPER, SPECIAL PRICE, BALL RINGER and ROBBING BASTARD with the topic of  accusations based around sex. Some people just seem to have a one track mind don't they ? Others to be put on the ice block were the Belgians and  the Americans.

GI JOE took the circle briefly to congratulate all those who have had the pleasure to visit India (Britain's former Jewel Of The Empire).

Then it was time for the Hare song.  BARNACLE BOLLOCKS kindly agreed to perform this function which was some short song about a Duck !  The circle was concluded by all the returnees who led us in the  Hash Hymn.  Some people then went straight home, others went to Nicky's Bar in town and then myself and a few hashers headed for a  local 'dark side' restaurant for a good meal and more yak yak before we too headed for home.

So that's it, the end of  another great PH3 hashing day.  See you all next week.

On-On!  Tampax

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