Pattaya H3

PH3 Run 1717 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by Golden Rivet

It was an all GM hared event this week and with new GM MENTAL DISORDER involved in the Haring, one of his favorite spots was chosen as the A-site... the Asian University off Highway 331.  This is a great spot, especially since the so called University seems to have long ago given up on its function as a college offering plenty of peace and quiet.  The few people still there probably are happy to see someone like the HHH's show up there once in a while and get some use out of the outer fairgrounds.  Asian University is also excellent for anyone driving, with paved roads the entire distance to the A-site.  The only real drawback is the actually gathering area which proofed to be a little confining during the high season and increased Hasher arrivals, 103 total today.  But not a major issue.  The weather was excellent.

Once all the buses arrived the usual “form a f*cking circle” was called by the GM.  Once the virgins were announced and the new shoes filled with beer and emptied, the Hares described the run and off we went.  The walk, and assuming the run, was nice & easy through mostly dirt roads and a little off road action.  The walk was a little longer than usual which was fine.  The only drawback was with the increased distance some of us walkers arrived back at the A-site after the runners, missing out on VV’s excellent sandwiches already sold out.  You need a bigger frig VV.

The circle started with Sergeant SCAR W/2T'S icing the Hares.  All the walker/runner comments were good with no complaints.  Hare/GM, NO MORE CUM, took over with well-earned pats on the back for the mismanagement team during his term as GM.  The reigns were then handed over to 2017 GM, MENTAL DISORDERMRS. HEAD was brought in to announce her plans for the mid-year Betty Boop Run in June.

The circle was handed over to FREE WILLY and his customary weekly Raffle.  I remember seeing cookies, chocolate, a rice cooker, a bottle of booze, and some sort of usb speaker thing on the table.  I’m saving my baht for the week WILLY offers a case of Beer Lao (dark).

EMPEROR AIRHEAD took over from here icing former GM NO MORE CUM and issuing some sort of piece of wood commemorating his GM services.  He also mentioned N.M.C.’s crashed/repaired Harley (V-rod I believe) being up for sale in case anyone is interested with a million baht to spare.  Next the Hares were once again iced and AIRHEAD’s favorite run topic, the A-site direction signs, was briefly covered.  GENERAL KIDNEY WIPER, SCAR W/2T’S, BARNACLE BULLOX, were iced next with some discussion about their old Hash times prior to World War II.   The virgins were iced with Kim & Kevin being introduced, a couple of new Belgians.  It seems the Belgians are slowly taking over the Monday Hash.  You’d think they were Muslims!

The EMPEROR then handed the circle over to new GM MENTAL DISORDER who immediately iced the four runners who got lost at an A-site where getting lost is pretty hard to do. They all had some sort of BS story, as usual, trying to cover for their poor sense of direction and/or not paying attention to the shredded paper.

WANK-KING’S WANKER then awarded ANAL CHEESE for his 100 Runs.  Following this W.W. seemed to forget where he was for a few minutes with some mention of a possible drug overdose being the cause?  He quickly exited the circle and the GM reentered.

Any Hashers who completed runs in Hong Kong were iced and asked to compare Hong Kong to PH3 runs with Hong Kong unfortunately coming out on top.   Maybe this icing wasn’t such a good idea afterall.

SERGEANT SCAR back in the circle and after establishing order iced WANK-KING'S WANKER and ELEPHANT, though I’m not really sure why.  Something about Cheap Charlie's.  FLYING FINN and DIRT LOONEY were also iced.

MENTAL DISORDER relieved SCAR W/2T’S icing WEE MOANING WEASEL for letting a baht bus driver massage his genitals during what should have been a local trip to the extent the baht bus continued on to Rayong before stopping with the driver complaining of wrist cramps.

The circle was passed briefly over to BURL IVES who brought in the Scots & Kiwis and icing the English for their poor performance during the recent Wellington 7’s rugby.

Back in came the GM icing American’s for allowing their new President to accept into the U.S. a pile of Muslims the Australians suddenly figured out they didn't want and wished to dump them on the Americans who normally accept anyone.   Obviously the Aussies can’t be treated as one of America’s better friends any more.

NO MORE CUM again took over the circle dumping GANGREEN in the bucket and icing BURL IVES (reason unexplained), LONE WOLF, SCAR, WANK-KING’S WANKER, HYMEN HACKER, and FAMOUS MULE.

There was some mention of WANK-KING’S WANKER and LONE WOLF spending some time together recently and the possibility of them being a couple!  SCAR W/2T’S explained what he did in his land of Norway describing his time working at a local loony bin, which certainly explains a lot.

N.M.C. then attempted to find owners to a couple of lost items, a pair of reading glasses... and a chair!!  Personally, if I was that hammered during a recent Hash run that I left a chair behind, I’d let it go.  Not PRINCESS BUM BOY who boldly stepped forward to claim his lost chair.

The GM next brought in SPERM POLLUTER and his better half announcing she may be looking for greener pastures.  SPERM POLLUTER mentioned he has a couple of hotel rooms available for anyone wishing to attend the upcoming Vietnam run in March.

That was about it.  It should be noted with the exception of WEE MOANING WEASEL’s errant joy ride, GM MENTAL DISORDER failed to bring up any more sex topics during his extensive time in the circle!!  Unbelievable!  He must be getting old.

On-On!  Golden Rivet

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