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Upon arriving at the Monastery Hill for this time a Valentine's Run, a beautiful place for the A-Site and a stone's throw away from Pattaya. There was a MENTAL DISORDER #2.

Second time hashing Rosanne from Malta, was already drinking out of the beer truck. I could see Grand Master going straight up to her in disbelief, whilst she was cool and relaxed and kept on enjoying. And did not go for the run! Lazy bitch!

The circle was called and the hares explained the run, and pointed us to the right direction for a supposingly 7km run. (The walkers were told to hold back for their short walk.)

We started running down the hill across the road into the village. Lots of tarmac and rubbish. Not really an in-town run, but also not a traditional hash run in the country side.

It was a well marked trail, very easy to follow. SCAR mentioned a few dogs not a few hundred. Good back checks and checks kept the pack together. Not really a workout as the run was only 5 km! Lying lazy hares!

The second circle was called when it was still light. FREE WILLY did his shitty fixed Raffle as usual and everybody wanted the pink rabbit.

Harriettes called into the circle to receive a red rose from their other halves. AIRHEAD took the circle and iced the hares for a shitty run. AIRHEAD iced LIBERACE and presented him with a wooden plaque with the hash brain.

The Belgians were iced for being like cockroaches because there are so many of them. What the fuck, EMPEROR AIRHEAD was walking around with the pink rabbit under his arm!!

Hash awards: BURL IVES 100 Runs; BEETROOT HEAD 50 Runs; CASPER 50 Runs T-Shirt; NMC 200 Runs T-shirt.

In the end, NORIEGA came in the circle put his hair down acting like a girl immitating Thai women. Hillarious! The Maltese girl was iced and even lied down, and so was BEETROOT, he was put in the bucket for not telling her the rules of the Hash!! ??

Circle closed.

On-On!  Beetroot Head

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